Dream about past enemies

Dream about Past Enemies represents something or some aspect of your character that is somewhat familiar. You are experiencing some turbulent times. You need to clean up your language and the way you talk to others. This dream is completion, a fresh start and new transition. You are in a happy place.

Past Enemies points at more primal attitudes and love. You are able to overcome adversity and achieve success. You are experiencing unhappiness and setbacks in your life. Your dream is a portent for your quest for power. You are taking charge of your emotions and confronting the issues that are bothering you.

Dreaming of Past and Enemy

Past in your dream is an omen for the transition from the beginning of something to the end or vice versa. You need to take accountability for your actions. You are misdirecting or misusing your energy. This dream draws attention to anxieties about your performance and abilities. You are still being held back by past pain and old fears.

Past in this dream is an indication for a reciprocal relationship where you need to give and receive nourishment. You are waiting for a sign to make the next move. You need a stage or platform for your self-expression. The dream refers to your state of mind and feelings. Something that you thought was going to be a problem has resolved itself.

Enemy in dream indicates your state of mind. You need to gain a better perspective or wider view on something. Your achievements will soon be recognized. The dream is a hint for the inevitable. You need to recognize your spiritual needs.

Enemy dream is a sign for evil and destruction. You need to expect some major changes ahead. You are experiencing some anxiety over changes and uncertainties happening in your life. This dream means seizing an opportunity. Perhaps your family life needs to be kept in check.

Dream about both “Past” and “Enemy” is unfortunately an alert for your femininity and attitude toward a relationship. You are literally getting all twisted and wound up over a problem or situation in your life. You are not utilizing your full potential. Your dream is a sign for something may have started as minor has now become a huge problem. Your life is going out of control.

Dream about past enemies is an evidence for your public self and how you are perceived. You are refusing to confront issues from your past which is affecting your present life. You are experiencing a major setback in life. This dream is a hint for collective power. You are trailing behind on some task, some competition or some endeavor.

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