Dream about past friends

Dream about Past Friends is a premonition for emotional fulfillment. You may be feeling a little vulnerable and are looking strength. You are trying to escape and blend in with the rest of the crowd. The dream points at nurturance, security and comfort. You need to take a break from life.

Past Friends is a clue for some characteristic or something that you need to shed and get rid of. You are in need of some rest and relaxation. You are moving beyond the limits in some area of your life. This dream is an evidence for balance. You are relishing in some joy, interest, hobby, activity, or situation.

Dreaming of Past and Friend

Past in your dream is a metaphor for the mundane aspect of your life. You need to keep in mind that things are not one-sided. You need to chill-out or calm-down. This dream is an omen for your defiant and non-conformist attitude. You need to have a better or broader outlook on life.

Past in this dream hints repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon. You are trying to evaluate a situation or establishment. You are spacing out. The dream is about an expression of your femininity. You need to be vigilant about cutting out the negativities in your life.

Friend in dream states something or someone that you are favoring. You need to return to the basics. You want to end things on your own terms. Your dream symbolises some frustration in your life. Through experimentation and taking risks, you learn how and how not to do something.

Friend dream symbolises your primal instinct or dark side. You are experiencing an isolation period. You need to carefully consider the consequences of your actions. This dream is difficulties in communicating other people. Perhaps you need to incorporate these aspects into your own character.

Dream about both “Past” and “Friend” unfortunately draws attention to neglect, disappointments, depression or old age. You feel that you are too much of a giver in a situation or relationship. Your ways of thinking may be outdated. This dream is a warning signal for loss, loneliness and depression. Your daily routine has become predictable and unchallenging.

Dream about past friends refers to the subconscious and your repressed thoughts/emotions. You are confronting issues from your subconscious. Something is hindering your progress and preventing you from moving forward in your life. The dream is a hint for a sense of freedom and liberation. You are willing to work hard and follow directions.

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Me my oldest friend/neighbor and another old friend from childhood were sitting on a bench at the old park we used to play at, talking about life. They were discussing their relationships. I was wearing a black jacket, and I had picked them up in my car. My mom started to walk around the park. Then an ambulance pulled up surrounding someone, I freaked out and thought it was my mom but it was a little kid that broke his ankle. I asked if he was ok and he said yeah. My friends were girls, I’m guy.


in my dream 4 of my friends were sitting around a table at a cafe but my highschool deskmate constantly asking us to change seats like we were sitting outside but as soon as we sit she tells us’ not this one,lets go inside.. ‘she did it like 3 times. What does it mean?(we still keep in touch but not that often she lives in another city)