Dream about peeing in public

Dream about Peeing In Public is a premonition for your desires for a fresh new start. There is something you need to incorporate in your life. You need to stop pleasing others and start thinking about what is best for you. This dream is a message for primal attitudes, the subconscious and love. You need some excitement.

Peeing In Public means rewards, prosperity and spirituality. You will have problems and issues from those beneath you or dependent upon you. You are feeling disconnected and neglected, both emotionally and physically. Your dream is a portent for charity and your willingness to offer your assistance. You need to keep your mouth shut about something.

Dreaming of Pee and Public

Pee in your dream is sometimes uncertainty and confusion in your life. You need to find time to relax. Perhaps you need to take a break or perhaps you need to break off some relationship. This dream is sometimes medical concerns. Your mind is preoccupied with financial and money matters.

Pee in this dream signals your carefree attitude. You are putting up a proverbial wall. Perhaps you have been hiding the pain for so long that you forgot what pain feels like. The dream is a portent for some aspects of your life are out of your control. You tend to take on more than you can handle.

Public in dream stands for chaos and disagreements. You need to express your feelings more openly. You are trying to assess your abilities and evaluate a situation. The dream is about old memories that you need to let go of. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied.

Public dream represents unresolved problems that need to be worked out with your friend or family. You are in denial about some of your true feelings. You are not approaching the problem directly. This dream points at your feelings of vulnerability and your need to be protected. You will be deeply hurt as a result of envy and jealousy.

Dream about both “Pee” and “Public” is an indication for concerns that your life is not going in the direction you want. You are not on top of things. Your anger is on the verge of erupting into violent expression. Your dream is sadly an alert for a lack of spirituality in your life. You are letting go of some negative energy or emotion.

Dream about peeing in public is a sign for to material and physical life. It is time to listen up. You are seeking attention for the work you have done. Your dream is an evidence for comfort and healing. You are discovering a new aspect of yourself.

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