Dream about phone call

Dream about Phone Call is an indication for success and victory. You are acknowledging and fulfilling the needs of your subconscious. You have a handle on your emotions. Your dream is a symbol for the rhythm and beat of your life. You need to find yourself and find what will makes you feel whole as a person.

Phone Call is a harbinger for your feelings about a person who is important and significant to you. You have a little strength. You are pondering thoughts about your inner self. The dream is a signal for respect and familial solidarity. You have a strong connection to your family and home life.

Dreaming of Phone and Call

Phone in your dream is a message for your outgoing nature and welcoming attitude. You need to take on a different perspective or viewpoint. Aspects of your subconscious are being slowly revealed to you. The dream is about your suppressed feelings. You may be reluctant in dealing with some issues.

Phone in this dream states a situation in your life where you either win or lose. You are feeling stuck in your own identity. Your beliefs, lifestyle, or goals are clashing with another’s. The dream is a hint for sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal. Perhaps you have been too idealistic.

Call in dream expresses having someone completely dependent on you or having to take care of someone. You may be trying to seek out new meanings to life. You are trying to downplay or suppress certain issues. This dream hints the brain and your mental capabilities. You approach situations or problems with both hostility and unstoppable determination.

Call dream is a hint for your ability to control your anger. You need to unload and let go some of your responsibilities. Perhaps it is time to pick up that old hobby or put a long hidden talent to use. Your dream is a premonition for how others perceive you. You obey others without question.

Dream about both “Phone” and “Call” hints destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. Your opinions and ideas are not appreciated. You have missed a huge and profitable opportunity. Your dream means a prickly situation where you are unable to detach yourself from. Something you value is being washed down the drain.

Dream about phone call points at mysticism and spiritual cleansing. You need to focus your attention and concentrate on one task at a time. You are still feeling sore and resentful about some situation or relationship. The dream expresses your unhappiness and discontentment at work. You feel that you cannot depend on anyone and that you will end up alone.

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