Dream about pillow

Dream about Pillow suggests friction, stemming from disagreements or from different ways of doing things. You are asking for too much of others. An increase in business activities are expected. The dream is an evidence for someone who may not appear to be who they are. Their true self may not be obvious or immediately apparent. You are regressing into a period of time when you were safe and completely dependent.

Pillow is about your attempts to change something about your character. You do not like change. You are suppressing your feelings or thoughts. The dream signifies your social ineptness and awkwardness in a social situation. Certain secrets will soon be exposed or revealed or that you are exhibiting some carelessness in your emotional behavior.

Dream about Pillow [a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person] is a signal for an encounter with an unfamiliar or neglected aspect of your own self. You are being taken for a ride. You are letting trivial matters and minor problems annoy you. This dream is a sign for an overwhelming emotional issue that demands your attention. You are at the halfway point of some endeavor.

Dream about Pillow [rest on or as if on a pillow] is an evidence for your pursuit for knowledge and information. You are trying to understand some issue in your life. You have a narrow perspective on a situation. Your dream is a small lapse in judgment. Your plans or goals will be changed or delayed.

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I saw my maternal uncle’s house where I saw a handsome young man (it seemed like my crush) wearing blue t-shirt and light blue shorts. He was smiling at me, and welcoming me into a 1st floor room of that house. Then I saw a white pillowcase on which it was written -” I have fallen in love” and “I have fallen in love with you, Ruchita”. I didn’t say anything, I just smiled and wrote “Ok, Done” on the pillowcase.