Dream about pitch black darkness

Dream about Pitch Black Darkness denotes survival or rebirth. You are feeling undesirable or unwomanly. You need to evaluate the facts more carefully. The dream denotes your desires to want things to be neat and clean. You are completely submerged in your own feelings.

Pitch in a dream is a metaphor for your toughness and rigidity. You need to have more precision in the goals that you are reaching for. You need to escape from the pressures of everyday life in order to re-energize yourself. The dream signals your aspirations and desires for recognition or fame. You need to act out your wishes.

Black dream is sometimes commitment issues. Some secret information has leaked-out. Perhaps you are trying to escape from life’s responsibilities and burdens or you just want to be free of any worries. The dream stands for self guilt. You need to let out your inhibitions and animalistic desires.

Darkness in this dream is an evidence for excess and sensuality. Perhaps you need to tell someone that you love them. You are just going through the motions of daily living. Your dream means unresolved fears or doubts that needs to be confronted. You need to learn to hold certain things back.

Dream about Pitch Black Darkness is an indication for your openness toward a particular situation. You are putting up a facade. Some choices will help shape who you are as a person. The dream means your ability to receive love. You are taking the time to stop and enjoy life.

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My friend had a dream, I’ll paste what he said. “ Good morning. It’s convenient that we were talking about dreams last morning because, idk if I was fully dreaming but I saw you and it was pitch black around us almost like we were in my head I tried to approach you but then you called out like “Hey what you doing!”and I woke up” what does this mean?