Dream about planning your death

Dream about Planning Your Death is about wisdom. You are seeking knowledge, insight and inner intellect. Something from your subconscious is coming to the surface. This dream expresses your energy and cheerful nature will enable you to overcome your grievances. You need to be more firm and forceful.

Planning Your Death is a premonition for some obstacle that is hindering your progress and goals. You are experiencing a new sense of freedom and calm. Perhaps you are waiting for your perfect lover. Your dream signifies grace, speed and the soul. You are feeling controlled and manipulated by others.

Dreaming of Plan and Death

Plan in your dream is a symbol for your feelings about authority. You need to looking at an issue more objectively. You are wasting your time and energy on unproductive pursuits. Your dream is a sign for you to be careful when it comes to the persuasions of the opposites gender. You are feeling stifled by some circumstance.

Plan in this dream signals the annoyances in your life. You are being oppressed and overpowered by others. You have made a poor judgment and are facing the consequences. Your dream is a signal for your motivating and driving forces. Perhaps you need to change your attitude or ways.

Death in dream suggests repressed emotional thoughts or ideas that you are yearning to let out. You have lost your direction in life. You are hindering your own self-growth. The dream is a harbinger for your desire to roam freely without responsibility and obligation. You are trying to achieve unattainable goals.

Death dream is an indication for emotional hunger or nourishment. You need to listen to what others have to say; don’t be so quick to reject their views and opinions. You feel that you have been wronged by a person. Your dream states ditching school, work, appointment, or something that you are now feeling guilty about. Even though you know that it is unhealthy to avoid this issue, you continue to do so.

Dream about both “Plan” and “Death” stands for your inner desire to be sheltered, nourished and protected from life’s problems. Someone is being recognized. You are experiencing concerns over financial matters. The dream is a symbol for death, misfortune and bad luck. You think your friend deserves to be treated better.

Dream about planning your death is a clue for your fears as somebody grows and becomes more independent. Perhaps you need to be patient. You need to show your boyfriend/girlfriend some appreciation and compassion for all the work that he/she does. This dream signals your loyalty and devotion to others. You are lying to yourself.

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