Dream about plants growing out of hands

Dream about Plants Growing Out Of Hands refers to tradition, hard work and a simple way of life. Perhaps you are overlooking something. You are ready to make a fresh start. This dream symbolises strength, endurance and willpower. You will rise to a position of prominence and power.

Plant in your dream is a hint for drastic changes that you are trying to make. You are in a continual state of growth, rebirth and regeneration. You need to let out your inhibitions and animalistic desires. The dream is a sign for evil and destruction. You are looking to break out of your shell.

Grow dream refers to someone who is malicious or dangerous. You feel you are being mislead or taking advantaged of. You need to stand up for yourself and be your own person, even though it may go against the masses. The dream is an indication for your sense of belonging. Someone is looking over you.

Hand in this dream suggests your desires to break free from some obligation or relationship. You are looking for some assistance. You are feeling ignored or neglected. This dream is a hint for your preoccupation with money matters. You are looking for a short cut in life.

Dreaming of Plant and Grow and Hand

Dream About Plant Growing states your desires to blend in. You are well on your way to achieving your goals. You are looking at the broader picture and are more aware of your surroundings. This dream is a message for your ability to create something from an idea. You are orchestrating some plan.

Plant and Hand is an evidence for your persuasiveness and spontaneity. You are living in your own fantasy world. You have skipped something important. The dream is a metaphor for unproductivity. You are too structured in your thinking.

Grow and Hand is a sign for your accomplishments. You are headed into a new direction. You are overlooking the little details that keeps and holds everything together. This dream is a sign for flexibility and creativity in your way of thinking. Sometimes what you don’t know is a source of anxiety and stress.

Dream about Plants Growing Out Of Hands denotes the masculine aspect of yourself. You are expressing a desire to escape from your daily life and your responsibilities. You are being cautious and practical. The dream denotes uncleanness. You are feeling testy and irritated.

Sometimes, dream about plants growing out of hands signifies a lack of communication. You are experiencing some sort of blackout. You are too focused on one thing that you are missing out on something. The dream represents your true confused state of mind and the nonsensical events of your life. You may be trying to live up to unrealistic expectations or goals.

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I dreamed about being trapped on an island with my family. I decided to show them how to survive. I grabbed what in my mind were soap pods from a tree and began to clean myself with them with the water we had purified from the ocean. My hands suddenly broke out into large, painful blisters and plants painfully began to grow out from them (including my fingers). I tried pulling out the plants that had pollen falling out of the stamens to prevent any more from sprouting. Family even came to help.


I dreamed last night that I saw in my left hand growing plants: 4 pea plants sprouting in the palm of my left hand and inside at the bottom some grains of white rice. they were covered the skin. I scratch my skin to take them out. How can I interpret that dream?


I had a dream that I had a sprout growing out of my hand and I was showing someone who also had the same happening to them. Idk what it truly means.


I dreamt that in the palm of my right hand had a small gash and inside was a daffodil ready to bloom, once I removed the daffodil there was a plastic bag under the bulb. This felt very real I even woke up checking my palm. What’s does this mean

Liza B

last night in my dream, I got bitten (in my hand) by a black snake with a yellow line on its back. I didn’t want to get bitten but in a way, I made it bite me (I put my hand close to his mouth and let it bite me). I wasn’t t scared but concerned if it was toxic. Then something started to grow out of the spots where I got bitten. It was very disturbing and gross. Like big blue bubbles growing out but then they turned to some kind of plants then finally flowers. I can’t stop think of this dream!