Dream about possessed

Dream about Possessed expresses tradition and old fashioned ideals. You want to find out more about your heritage. You need to get your attention and focus on the problem at hand. This dream means where you are in your life or in your relationships. Perhaps you need to let loose and relax.

Possessed points to your pissy attitude. You need to be more aware and acknowledge those feelings. You need to be revitalized and reenergized. This dream is a harbinger for some emotional issue that must be confronted. Perhaps you need to settle down a little.

Dream about Posse [a temporary police force] is an evidence for the roles you play in your life and the various acts and personas you put on. There is a conflict between your rational thinking and your irrational impulses. You need to keep your temper in check. The dream is a portent for a loss of innocence or a fall from grace. It is important not to prejudge a situation or person based on the surface.

Dream about Possess [have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill] is a symbol for an imposing obstacle which is blocking your progress. You need to keep your cool especially when under pressure. Perhaps you are experiencing some self-doubt or that you are not good enough. This dream is about your inability to change who you are. Perhaps the newness and uncertainty of a discovery makes you a little more cautious.

Dream about Own [have ownership or possession of] is an omen for your need to be reenergized or revitalized. You want to be protected. You are becoming too dependent on others and using them to get what you want. This dream is the darker, sinister side of your personality. You have achieved a higher level of growth and learning and are at a turning point in your life.

Dream about Possess [enter into and control, as of emotions or ideas] draws attention to the sharing and spreading of new ideas. You need to approach an issue or emotion head on. Perhaps you are afraid of being scrutinized for your actions or being judged by others. Your dream is a metaphor for your latent paranormal abilities. You need to be more flexible and open-minded in your thinking and in your decision making.

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