Dream about pregnancy and water breaking

Dream about Pregnancy And Water Breaking denotes childish joy. You may also be seeking some form of acceptance. You are on the right path toward personal development or spiritual enlightenment. The dream is a sign for prosperity and times of pleasure. The situation that you need to confront is an extremely emotional one.

Pregnancy in your dream points to a small lapse in judgment. Aspects of yourself are in harmony. You are feeling overburdened or that you are being taken advantage of. Your dream is about your concerns with your looks. You need to examine a situation more carefully.

Water dream is a metaphor for a mental process. You are behaving childish or immaturely. It is time for some solitude. Your dream is a sign for your need for more leisurely pursuits. You are still adjusting to a new situation in which the rules and conditions are ever changing.

Breaking dream is sometimes your level of power in some situation of your life. Perhaps there is an article of clothing that you are trying to fit into. You are in for a rude awakening. The dream signals undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche. Perhaps you or someone is being a pain.

Dreaming of Pregnancy and Water and Breaking

Dream About Pregnancy And Water stands for your imagination and creative mind. You will overcome your obstacles through ingenuity and determination. You have the knowledge within yourself to maximize your potential. This dream is a metaphor for some unusual aggression. You have built a solid foundation for success.

Pregnancy and Breaking is your quickness in confronting some suppressed emotions. New light and insight is being shed on a problem that is nagging on your mind. You are in touch and in tune with your spirituality. The dream is a harbinger for hope, a new perspective and a positive outlook on life no matter how difficult your current problems may be. Better times are ahead for you.

Dream About Water Breaking is a clue for the power and drive you need to move forward in life. You can achieve anything you want if you set your mind to it. You are in touch and in tune with your spirituality. The dream is a premonition for the unrealistic goals you have for yourself. You are reclaiming your independence and power.

Dream about Pregnancy And Water Breaking is about the unexpected and the unknown. You are playing an important part in a project. You are being inhibited and prevented from fully expressing yourself in some area of your life. The dream expresses some project that requires your creativity and imagination. Something important has just been made aware to you.

Sometimes, dream about pregnancy and water breaking is a message for your overwhelming (and unfounded) fear in the health of your baby. You may be acting too carefree in some issue or situation. You are trying to connect with someone, but it is not going anywhere. The dream is an indication for a situation in your life that requires strategy, patience and composure. Things may not be what it appears to be.

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