Dream about preparing food

Dream about Preparing Food points to your strong will and fiery personality. Something good is coming to an end. You need to express emotions in a more honest way. This dream states humbleness and humility. You are willing to work hard and follow directions.

Preparing Food is a premonition for personal growth. You are ready to accept love into your life. You need to explore your emotions and open yourself up to others. The dream is an evidence for your desires for romance. If you are single, your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level.

Dreaming of Prepare and Food

Prepare dream points to repressed emotional thoughts or ideas that you are yearning to let out. You are in denial about some aspects of yourself. You don’t want to be tied down. Your dream states some advice that you should listen to or consider. Perhaps you need to show more humility in a situation.

Prepare in this dream refers to your attempts and efforts at fixing a problem. You need to apply yourself and focus on some important project. You are having a difficult time trying to relax and being at ease. The dream suggests your irrational thoughts. You have obtained your wishes and wants through underhanded tricks.

Food in dream is an evidence for unrealized and unfulfilled goals. Although you might get caught up in it at some point in your life, you will persevere. You are limited in expressing yourself. Your dream is a signal for your casual attitude about making some decision. Someone has stolen your success or has taken credit for something you did.

Food dream signifies your sympathy toward others. You need to concentrate and focus on a situation that has long been neglected. You are seeking to recapture innocence that is lost. The dream is a hint for the state of your emotions and feelings. You need a strong-willed leader to guide you.

Dream about both “Prepare” and “Food” is a warning signal for the obstacles standing in your way toward your goals. You are expending too much energy on fruitless endeavors and are in danger of depleting your inner resources. You may be feeling inferior or not good enough. The dream is a warning for ideas and issues that you have discarded and have no more use for. You may not be utilizing your full potential and talents and letting it go to waste.

Dream about preparing food signals openness and security. There is an imbalance of power. You are compelled and driven to complete something. This dream is an evidence for your drive, motivation and creative energy. You need to be more open and expressive with your personality.

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