Dream about president giving me money

Dream about President Giving Me Money signifies enlightenment, growth, purity, beauty and expansion of the soul. You feel confident and self-assured. You want to always remember someone who is passed-away in a positive light. This dream symbolises your ability to offer your help and assistance to others. Something has come to an end.

President in your dream is subconscious feelings toward a person. You need to stay on top of your emotions and not let them explode out of hand. You need to organize your life and keep things in order. This dream is a symbol for an aspect of your life where you need a little assistance. You need more diversity and spontaneity.

Give dream is sometimes your environmental awareness or that you need to be more environmentally conscious. You are experiencing a sense of anticipation or uneasiness. You need to adapt a more healthier lifestyle. This dream means your fears of letting go. You feel that you are a target of criticism.

Money in this dream is an indication for issues with your self-image and how you portray yourself to the outside world. You need to better focus on your goals. You are experiencing doubts about going along with a certain decision. Your dream is a sign for your feelings toward your girlfriend/boyfriend. You feel left behind while everyone around you is doing new things or going in new direction.

Dreaming of President and Give and Money

President and Give points to the heroic male figure in your life. You are ready to take certain risks in order to move ahead. Perhaps, it is time to make a new start. Your dream is an indication for a barrier, secret or feeling that you are putting up. You are getting in touch with your intuitive side.

President and Money represents something you saw or are seeing. You are expressing a desire to belong. You need to be more open and expressive with your personality. This dream is sometimes your goals and future plans. You may be experiencing new walks of life.

Dream About Give Money is an omen for some pressing issue that needs your immediate attention. You need to look at the brighter side of things. You feel that you are above someone. Your dream is a portent for the process of individuation and your quest to fulfill some spiritual needs. You are putting up a facade and hiding your true self.

Dream about President Giving Me Money suggests your compassion for others. You want to start anew. They are up to something. The dream is a message for a passage of time, self-development and spiritual enlightenment. You are envisioning success and accomplishing your goals.

Sometimes, dream about president giving me money is sadly a warning alert for cleaning from your troubles and problems. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you, where you are lacking the freedom to act independently. You are trying to suppress your desires for independence. The dream is sadly a warning for old emotions or memories that you have stored or locked away. You are trying to escape from your daily responsibility and are looking for someone else to shield, protect and care for you.

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I dreamt that our newly elected president sitting in front of a multitude distributing cash to everyone and I received an amount of money in cash more than what he intended to give individual.

Aminata Sonnah

Hello,in my dream last night my cousin and I went to see the president we talked for sometime and he promised to send me money because he was scared of giving me the money there he wrote his number on a paper and send someone to give me but his adviser took it and burned it using a lighter and started asking me to leave in an aggressive manner but a worker there willingly gave me the number I wrote it and we left.

Onyejaka Desmond

Good day. I dreamed where the president gave me a spoiled shoe. Please what does it mean

Caroline Gatwiri

I had a dream where in our kitchen with my family we had the president and his deputy with us,I spoke a word to the president and He called me up only to give me only 5kenya shillings,to me i really questioned in heart ‘why only this’ and thought would give me more.The deputy president kept on smiling at me a lot,,we could even get out a bit with the president and talk,then back.We stayed for long,later they decided to leave,and the president called up my name saying we will meet again, meaning?


Hello in my dream i dreamt about flying on the presidents private plane together with my brother. When we touched down we took some pics with him and he gave us presents. Someone stole my presents but i caught up with him and beat him up real bad.


I had a dream I was with our president and I and him locked his security guards in my neighborhood compound and I was taking him to a bar or a place where people drink alcohol. But my main aim was to acuire money from him not to drink with him. On our way I met a friend of mine whose a drinker too we stoped and he told us that the bar which we were going the drink’s there are not ok Soo we had another place to go . He carried us on his bike and on our way I realized I had a broom on my hand and


I dreamt of pretending to be sick and later on dreamt of the president giving me some mony


Dreamt with the president giving me cash and assuring me of love and comfort


Last night i had a dream it was me my husband and a man (in my dream that man was Julius Malema,it looks like he was giving instruction on what we must do and he knew we dont have money, first he gave me ten thousand it was R200 AND R100 Notes but when i check later when i check it was thirty thousands of R200 Notes what does that mean