Dream about rat biting foot

Dream about Rat Biting Foot is an indication for purity, prosperity and good fortunes. You are so focused on the responsibilities of your daily life that you forget to stop and enjoy the smaller things. You are on a spiritual quest. Your dream states creation and going with what life has to offer you. It is important to keep your hope alive.

Rat in your dream points to a loss in your feminine power. You need to get the word out about something. You need to learn to forget or forgive. Your dream symbolises a desire to escape from your daily problems. You have relapsed back to your old habits and ways.

Bite dream is your adaptability to a situation. You need to approach some situation more slowly. Your sense of coldness could reflect your feelings about a lover or a certain person. This dream is the annoyances in your life. You need to reduce your alcohol consumption.

Foot in this dream is a symbol for your shadow and the negative part of your Self. You need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. You are being restrained or inhibited from expressing yourself. This dream states some anxiety on some major change in the relationship. You have literally lost your mind.

Dreaming of Rat and Bite and Foot

Dream About Rat Bite suggests someone who is creative, generous, playful and authoritative. You will eventually achieve your desires and goals after some effort and struggle. You are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed. The dream suggests an extension of your understanding in a particular matter. You are experiencing some intense emotion.

Rat and Foot is sometimes the uncertainty of life. You have more self confidence and belief in yourself. You are refusing to say anything about a particular situation. Your dream signifies a need for enjoyment and sensual pleasure. You are harboring some repressed emotions.

Dream About Bite On Foot points to strife and disharmony in both your work and home. You need to be more open and expressive with your emotions. You need to pay attention to the message or advice that an elderly person is conveying to you. This dream suggests a new attitude, fresh beginnings or a major event. Better times are ahead for you.

Dream about Rat Biting Foot is a clue for warmth, virility and fruitfulness. You are creating or directing new found energies to some aspect of your life. You are unwilling to acknowledge your subconscious emotions. Your dream is an indication for your prim and proper behavior. Perhaps there is something that you need to let out.

Sometimes, dream about rat biting foot is a sign for you are lacking or trying to recreate in your life. You have not analyzed a situation long enough or that you do not want to deal with the problem at all. You are trying to be someone you are really not. The dream is a message for how you can no longer tolerate or put up with a particular situation, relationship, or person. You are losing control of your life and losing a grip on reality.

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Dreamed about the rat biting my toes


I was laying in bed and when I woke up a rat was staring at me and I went to move my leg the rat bit my sandal and I felt his teeth on my toe. My ex husband was the one who brung the rat. Another scene in my dream was my mom and sister came to the house I was at and I was trying to warn them that there was rat in the house.