Dream about rats drowning

Dream about Rats Drowning expresses compassion, emotional healing and spiritual cleansing. You need to start looking within yourself and trust your instincts. You are taking charge of your life. This dream symbolises warmth, virility and fruitfulness. You need to assert yourself and make your presence known.

Rats Drowning is a signal for menial work. You will accomplish your desires via not so legitimate means. You are seeking for social activity or companionship. The dream is a clue for your playful attitude or your child-like emotions. You have the right attitude toward life.

Dreaming of Rat and Drown

Rat in your dream is an omen for your need to lessen something in your life. You may have placed your decision or course of action into someone else’s hand. You have a self-defeatist attitude. The dream is a metaphor for your own stubbornness. You are shedding off some unwanted aspect of yourself.

Rat in this dream symbolises your hopes, wishes and your dreams. You feel the need to defend your masculinity. You are being called on for support, either emotional support or physical support. Your dream represents your feelings about a person, situation, or relationship. You need to be in more control of your life situations and surroundings.

Drown in dream is a clue for craziness or confusion. Your current lifestyle is doing you harm. You may be putting up an invisible barrier to protect yourself in a situation or relationship. This dream points at a guilty conscience. Perhaps you are trying to incorporate a decision into your own life.

Drown dream is a portent for a time in your life when things were more carefree and spontaneous. Your vision is being impaired or clouded by something or someone. You are experiencing a setback toward accomplishing your goals. The dream is a symbol for your need to be rescued from some situation or relationship. You need to show more restraint.

Dream about both “Rat” and “Drown” draws attention to bitter disappointments. You are being too serious and need to lighten up. You are having difficulties accepting others and their differences. This dream is a message for a situation that is potentially dangerous or a relationship where you are getting burned. You need to be more careful with how you are allocating your resources or risk spreading yourself too thin and ending up with nothing.

Dream about rats drowning is an evidence for the value that you assign to certain things. Ou are displaying unrestricted creativity. Somebody is offering you some advice. This dream is a harbinger for fertility and conception. You are seeing others achieve what you are still striving for.

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