Dream about red bricks

Dream about Red Bricks is an evidence for a small part in a larger picture. You need to add a little more excitement and variety to you life. You need to take a deep breath and face up to the challenge. This dream is a sign for a special anniversary, appointment or occasion. You are emotionally conservative.

Red Bricks is a hint for the cycle of life and death. You are feeling apprehensive about the future. There is something that you have overlooked and need to pay closer attention. The dream is sometimes grandeur and greatness. You are compromising your own emotional well being and happiness.

Dreaming of Red and Brick

Red in your dream signifies the lessons that you are learning from your life. You are using your appearance to get your way. You are trying to put on a tough or mean face. This dream suggests low self-esteem. Perhaps you are concerned about issues with fertility, cancer or venereal diseases.

Red in this dream is an indication for fertility or immortality. You will earn too much money from a work that you are going to be completed, but you need to be careful while you are spending it. You are paying for your past actions and mistakes. Your dream expresses your need to belong and your need to feel protected. Due to circumstances in your life, you had to give up some of your aspirations.

Brick in dream is a premonition for a gang or an intimidating group. You are experiencing an isolation period. You need to be less arrogant and assertive in your situations. The dream states your self-fulfillment and advancement. You need to take a time out in order to relieve.

Brick dream is about depression and sadness. You need to stop and relax. You tend to be flighty and jump from one thing to another. This dream symbolises someone in your life whose charm may ultimately prove harmful. You have difficulties expressing your feelings.

Dream about both “Red” and “Brick” is a clue for loss or lack. You may be harboring feelings of guilt. You are not owning up to your responsibilities. This dream is a metaphor for imitation. Do not let anyone undervalue your emotions or opinions.

Dream about red bricks states peace, harmony and profitable business ventures. You are in control of all aspects of your life. Perhaps there is something that you need to let out. The dream stands for the game of life. You are enjoying all your successes.

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