Dream about red poop

Dream about Red Poop is a metaphor for your strong will and solid character. You progress through life by your own terms. You are inviting negativity into your life. Your dream indicates joyous release and pleasure. You will achieve success through underhanded means.

Red Poop points to joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance and love. Something is passing you by. You are feeling restricted. The dream signals your thought process. Life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer.

Dreaming of Red and Poop

Red in your dream points to aspects of your personality. You are in need for some guidance in your life. You are being followed by a person that you don’t know. Your dream suggests hard work, diligence, cooperation and industry. There are certain sacrifices that you need to make in order to achieve your goal.

Red in this dream is your anxiety about a work related issue. You need to utilize your common sense. A life situation is playing out similarly to a past one. This dream symbolises expressions of amazement, disbelief, surprise, or doubt. You need to stop something that you are doing.

Poop in dream is sometimes unfulfilled desires. You need to Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. You don’t let go of what’s yours and don’t give up. This dream means fear of being exposed for who you really are. You need to be quick to react in a situation or else the opportunity will pass you by.

Poop dream suggests the processing, transfer and sharing of information. You need to stop meddling in other people’s personal lives. Perhaps you need to tell someone that you love them. The dream is a symbol for your material concerns and possessions. You are feeling overloaded and are in danger or burring yourself out if you don’t slow down.

Dream about both “Red” and “Poop” is an alert for feelings of rejection or disappointments. You are goal-oriented and do not let anything get in your way of your success. You may be going through a frustrating work situation or a confining relationship. This dream is an alert for a situation or a conversation that is foul. You are trying to divert the negativity and bad karma away from you.

Dream about red poop is a message for teamwork and the role you play in a larger entity. You need to cool off. Some situation or relationship is making you feel restricted. This dream is an evidence for warmth and comfort. You feel emotionally protected.

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