Dream about removing lice

Dream about Removing Lice is an omen for your quickness in confronting some suppressed emotions. You are recognizing your unused potential and talents. Perhaps you are looking for someone to open up to and freely express the feelings that you are keeping inside. This dream hints some deep fear. You need to move on with some situation or some aspect of your life. You may be dwelling on a situation and it is time to move forward.

Removing Lice symbolises spiritual enlightenment, emotional growth, physical prowess, new opportunities and mental passages in your life. Some aspect of your life is taking you in circles. You are making connections and bonds. Your dream is sometimes your way of showing and exhibiting love. You are compromising your own values and beliefs.

Dreaming of Remove and Louse

Remove dream is a sign for the end of some habit, journey, relationship or condition. Someone is looking to you for advice. You are not challenging yourself. Your dream is a clue for pain. You are dealing with ideas and habits that need to be brought back into control.

Remove in this dream indicates instability and insecurity in your current situation. You need to learn to express yourself through paper and your imagination. You are not alone in the world. Your dream represents the challenges and hardships in your life and your ability to endure it all. You need to integrate aspects of your mind and your body.

Louse in dream is a harbinger for your need to be rescued from some situation or relationship. You are slowly acknowledging aspects of your subconscious. You need to take control over your life and behavior. The dream symbolises a person, situation, or relationship that you want to distance yourself from. A relationship will not last long.

Louse dream is a harbinger for unresolved fears or doubts that needs to be confronted. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied. You are going against your gut instincts. Your dream indicates temporary worries and disagreements. You have some minor concerns about a situation.

Dream about both “Remove” and “Louse” states feminine power or an overbearing mother figure in your life. There is something you didn’t realize you needed or that there is something missing from your life. The troubles you are experiencing are only temporary. Your dream is a sign for rejected aspect of yourself that is unclean or unaccepted by society. Some things are too obvious to deny.

Dream about removing lice points at the importance of partnership. You need to look at things from a different perspective and live life with some zest. You have accepted certain qualities of your friend and incorporated it into your own character. Your dream is a sign for motherly love, faithfulness, new birth or fertility. You are being cautiously optimistic about the good news you receive.

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