Dream about removing thorns

Dream about Removing Thorns symbolises the archetypal dream helper who is trying to offer some insight and advice. You will enjoy the benefits of your success after long and hard work. Your subconscious thoughts may be coming onto the surface. This dream means happiness and joy. You need to confront some fear or depression.

Removing Thorns is a message for a frugal but happy way of life. A person can help you in your current situation. Your inner fears are hindering your growth and progress. Your dream is self-growth and you desire to present a new image of yourself to others. You may be unwilling to confront your shadow self.

Dreaming of Remove and Thorn

Remove dream refers to your unyielding attitude. You are letting a situation dominate you or dictate how you behave. You are either in anticipation or in fear of having children. The dream symbolises difficulties. Your fears of gaining weight.

Remove in this dream indicates fear that you will not be able to complete a certain project or task in time. You need to find time to escape for life’s daily demands. You need to use more discretion. Your dream represents your burning passion and libido. You may be seeking some guidance in the course of your actions.

Thorn in dream is upon your real life and how you are watching life pass you by, instead of participating in it. You need to dig a little deeper into a situation or problem. There are some flaws in your thinking or thought process. This dream is your inability to get what you want. You need to expose and examine some secrets and learn from them.

Thorn dream points to death and the darker aspects of your character. Perhaps you are feeling inadequate and that you don’t measure up. Some situation beyond your control is causing you to shut down emotionally. Your dream is a harbinger for gluttony, opulence and overindulgence. You are being left out of some situation or relationship.

Dream about both “Remove” and “Thorn” signals some stinging remarks or insults. You need to fulfill a void in your life. You are trying to balance too many things in your life. Your dream is a metaphor for a fear of failure. You are experiencing a period of healing and an end to the negative ideas in your mind.

Dream about removing thorns stands for an important lesson that you can only learn from your parents or from some aspect of your home life. You will overcome some difficulties. You feel restricted and that you can’t express your emotions freely. The dream points to your emotions and your ability to control your emotional urges and energies. You are experiencing some form of grief or remorse.

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leticia armendarez

Removing thorns from a sweater

Brea' B.

Removing thorns from my tongue after eating berries from a Japanese barberry plant that was gifted to me.


I dreamt of myself having a thorn piercing in my back and I tried to scratch it but it broke, then my husband popped it out and it came out with some white pus