Dream about riding a cat

Dream about Riding A Cat suggests your desires for a more exciting life. You have laid out a solid groundwork for much success in your life. You are taking on a new project which will require your creativity. Your dream is a healing from trauma and working towards self-acceptance. You need to be more straightforward in your approach.

Riding A Cat hints prosperity and luxury. There is something that you need to hold on to and grasp. You will be surrounded by children. Your dream signals your commitment toward a life goal. You will achieve your goals through your own efforts.

Dreaming of Rid and Cat

Rid in your dream stands for your sense of entitlement to certain things. You need to pace yourself. You need to be more direct about your feelings. This dream is a symbol for characteristics in someone that you find within your own self. You need to overcome your vulnerabilities.

Rid in this dream is a symbol for your suspicions. You are about to make an error in judgment. You are feeling boxed in or cornered. The dream signifies someone in your life who has character flaws and imperfections, but you accept them. You need to work harder and longer in order to achieve your goals.

Cat in dream is an indication for acceptance of some new change, even though you may not agree with it. You don’t want to be alone. Some minor annoyance or problem is draining your energy and time. This dream is a harbinger for sadness, unresolved grief or your fears about death. You may be feeling undervalued.

Cat dream stands for some changes are necessary for you to adapt to a new situation. You are afraid to say something for fear of being criticized or judged. You may be devoting too much time to unimportant issues. The dream refers to feelings of being overwhelmed and being dangerously confronted by something. Perhaps, you feel that something is being rammed down your throat.

Dream about both “Rid” and “Cat” is sadly an alert for your true confused state of mind and the nonsensical events of your life. You want to be acknowledged and recognized for your abilities and skills. You will find that your worries were unfounded and that they will turn out to be better than expected. This dream is a metaphor for your critical view and how you tend to see faults in others. You may be taking on too many responsibilities and working too hard that you are not catering to your emotional self.

Dream about riding a cat is a metaphor for conservatism. You need to dedicate yourself to your goals, family, career, etc. You need to foster or acknowledge some special quality that your best friend has. This dream is sometimes health and longevity. You need to be careful in what you write, as words can be a powerful tool.

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