Dream about saving a ghost

Dream about Saving A Ghost points to repressed desires of your own appearance and passion. Your own political views will strongly influence your behaviors. You are in the beginning stages of romantic love. The dream is a premonition for your influence and power over others. A dark cloud will hover over you.

Saving A Ghost is a portent for feelings of superiority and grandeur. You are focused on enjoying life and all that it has to offer. You are open to criticism or suggestions. The dream is a clue for submission, restraint and restrictions. You take pleasure in the simple things in life.

Dreaming of Save and Ghost

Save in your dream signals someone who is malicious or dangerous. You are feeling insecure, either physically or emotionally. You are tending to the needs of others and putting their needs first instead of your needs. This dream is a signal for blood. You are doing some soul searching and looking within yourself.

Save in this dream is a clue for sadness and trouble. You are able to keep your anger and aggression under control. You need to lighten up and let go of your problems. This dream is sometimes your nervousness or irritability about something. You are feeling crowded in or that others are invading your personal space.

Ghost in dream denotes feelings of insecurity or doubt. May be you are trying to get a girl’s/boy’s attention. You need to be more cautious in some aspect of your life. This dream is a message for someone who is addicted to drugs or someone in an obsessive relationship. Feelings of inadequacy or weakness and issues of power/control come into play.

Ghost dream symbolises relationships that have been extinguished and no longer intact. Perhaps you feel that you are undeserving of the things you already have. You need to face your fears. This dream represents your identity or someone else’s identity. You are shielding yourself from outside influences.

Dream about both “Save” and “Ghost” is an evidence for useless worries over small, trivial matters. Something in your life has been ignored or is no longer of any use. There is some force trying to draw you in toward your subconscious. The dream is a symbol for masculinity, pride, valor, cockiness and arrogance. Some issue or some aspect of your life still remains unresolved.

Dream about saving a ghost is a harbinger for tact, immortality or vigilance. Time has run for you on some project or opportunity. You are taking a risk. The dream is a metaphor for an awakening of your spirituality and renewed energy. You need to work on your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

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