Dream about seeing a sister crying

Dream about Seeing A Sister Crying is an omen for your own feelings and emotions. You are taking advantage of a person. You are working hard to realize your hopes and goals. This dream is a premonition for cleanliness, compassion and properness. You have crossed a certain boundary and now must be held accountable for your actions.

See in your dream means cluttered thoughts and confusion of ideas. You need to draw out all the details of a situation before you make a decision about it. You are in trouble in some situation or in your relationship. This dream signifies your self-confidence, pride and conceit. You are putting up a front and pretending to be someone you are not in some situation.

Sister dream represents your fears and anxieties about the future. Something in your life is out of your control. You may need to organize your thoughts and sort out your values. This dream suggests a temporary escape from reality. You need to better focus your energies and direct them on your goals.

Cry in this dream is a hint for your feelings of being taken advantaged or that you are messing things up. You are being oppressed and overpowered by others. You are shielding yourself from your emotions. The dream is a metaphor for your fall from grace and loss of innocence. You need to follow the rules.

Dream about Seeing A Sister Crying is a signal for your desires for a dream holiday. You are refusing to see the truth in some matter. You need to express your creative side more. Your dream suggests a sense of community, belonging and helpfulness. You need to step up and be more confident.

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I had a dream about all my siblings and my two nieces coming to my place crying…but who i didnt see amongst them was one of my siblings and my nephew,both of them were absent but the rest were just crying and in so much tears…this dream has got me startled


I had a dream where I was crying bcus of this man who wouldn’t leave me alone so I went crying to my sister and told her everything,she was crying too and comforting me


I dreamed about my sister leaving to a different state to be with her man I ran out after her crying and asking her to come back then all the sudden I seen Alligators everywhere. Then I was fighting with a old friend about my sister leaving.


Hi, I had a dream that my sisters were crying abt our father dying I was sad but, I couldn’t cry and I asked a relative about my fathers death then I cried as well. I also dreamt of my sister wearing my black and white clothes before the dead father situation.


I dreamed about my sister wanting pills and my other sister wanting them and I got mad and my little sister was crying

Yvon A

Hi. In my dream, I saw myself, my son and a friend of mine hiding. We were running, trying to escape from something or someone. But unfortunately got involved to a crime. I knew my sister is going to save us from going to that place. We were able to escape but I was too afraid that my sister will get caught. So I texted and called her. She answered in a low crying voice as if she is in a really bad place, I feel so mad at myself. It was really a bad dream.

Annie Mulenga

I had a dream about my immediate sister, she was crying coz the husband was sick and later she started fiting (she’s epileptic) then I started praying for her but the situation became worse so I started crying while praying for her


I had a dream my sister brother her boyfriend, best friend and i were out eating and having a good time out of no where my sister bursts into the restroom in absolute distress she was crying and was completely stressed out


I had a dream that my sister was sobbing and hugging me


Thank you so much

trinity grant

I had a dream about getting my 10 year old sister off her bus, and then my 24 year old sister runs off the bus and runs in the house crying. I turn to three guys on the bus they are from my school and they said ” We dont know whats wrong with bro” and I didnt say anything, and then his friend was like “have a good evening” and that was it.