Dream about seeing dead uncle

Dream about Seeing Dead Uncle refers to a rising level of understanding, awareness or success. New changes in your life will take you to new directions and new heights of status and recognition. Keep your sight on the main goal. Your dream represents relaxed state of mind. You need to give more attention to your relationship.

See in your dream stands for your emotional urges and desires that are longing to be expressed. Perhaps you have a self-defeatist attitude. You may be going through some emotional turmoil. This dream states guilt and impurity. You feel like an outsider.

Dead dream points at your negligence of some situation. You need to be truthful or to come clean about something. You need to leave or get out of a situation. The dream points to the obstacles that you need to overcome in order to succeed. You need some coaxing in order to discuss some issue.

Uncle in this dream refers to suppressed or unexpressed anger. You are leaving behind your inhibitions. You are holding back your true feelings about something. Your dream signals your inability to commit. You need to draw out all the details of a situation before you make a decision about it.

Dream about Seeing Dead Uncle is a portent for divine love. You are letting fear dictate your actions. You are feeling empowered and confident about your abilities. The dream is a clue for your potential for greatness. You are open to changes and to looking at things from a different perspective.

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Kashvi Mishra

Me and my mother were in a elevator. My mother was really hyper and behaving a bit odd as if seen something abnormal. There was someone else in the elevator but I don’t remember who. Suddenly the elevator’s door opened and my maternal uncle was standing. He gestured and asked me what was wrong signalling towards my mother. My mother referred to both me and my maternal uncle were doing something or were looking odd. I don’t clearly remember. But only after waking up I realised it was my uncle.


In my dream,
My dead Uncle was my lover.
I don’t understand it.


After attending a procession for a big celebrity ahead of the line, I then find myself outside and notice several dead bodies in the open street in an open coffin. I look over to see if it was the celebrity himself, it was not and didn’t recognize others, but at a glance one resembles my uncle passed long ago his face turned over to me.


I had a dream about a long deceased uncle in the dream he was alive and well he said give me your hand we were holding hands and walking he said I will always be with you but the confusing part is before this he said come on dont let this come between us but i have no idea what it meant because he was my favorite uncle and we never had a disagreement about nothing

Keneth Oloo

I dreamt of my uncle who had passed recently. He was standing outside the front door and asked if he’s brother(my father) was around. I noticed that he had shaved his hair and looked like my dad. They went out as I looked at them walk down a foot path. My dad came back but he didn’t.


Dreamt seeing my Uncle in my son’s bedroom


I saw my dead uncle dragging my hand. And l refused to follow him. The dream occured to consecutive times

Dr Free

my dream: it was gloomy and i had to check something on my little sister’s phone. Then my dead maternal uncle appeared looking very handsome and healthy(although he didn’t look so when alive).He then asked me why we never visit him.I was making excuses and my little sister told him I was telling lies.I felt ashamed and he smiled at me.His face was so radiant and the moon in the sky was shining so bright.I told him his faced looked as beautiful as the moon and he said mine did look as such too.

Darius Broyles

Dreamt of deceased uncle,I remember the day when I walked back from the store & the house was crowded by medics & ambulance was taking him away, he was my favorite uncle & i remember everyone getting ready to go to the funeral I refused to go because of not having a suit but then went anyway as casual


Dreaming that my uncle is dead(who is living in real life) and everyone is crying but after my grandmother massage him he woke up from bed and live again.

What does it mean?
Thank you.


Had dream my dead uncle was chasing me and he was arguy

Olakunle Bayonle

I dreamt of wicked dead uncle Dan Inc and blessings people I was there too


What does means when my grandson been shot in the house by a girl he knows, he survived and he trying to protect the rest of the family, then someone ring the door bell and is his uncle( who passed away) he hugs him,, he can see his earing on his ear, he could feel the hug so real, he whispers on uncle ear” don’t you leave me again,he did responded, started to walk around the house with his daughter,door bell ring and when he opens he sees his grandfather coming(he Passed to)


In my dream I’m with my late uncle we around town heading to taxi rank and after some time I no longer see him

Joe Garcia

I Dreamt that I saw my dead uncle working at the airport stamping passports as people we passing through customs , he told me that he was back after being disconnected from the World but cried intensely in front of me , he gave me his phone number however, only wanted to stay with me a short time . He told me , he was very happy where he was living now.


What does it mean when you dream your dead uncle beat you and your daughter with a broomstick


I have a dream of seeing my late uncle in a house that looks like mine, and me and my wife wanted to go into the house, but my late uncle closed the door and refusing us to go in, but he let only my wife’s friend who just got married in.


I had a dream of my uncle and aunt that have been deceased for awhile now that they were at an apartment and somehow I ended up there,somehow I found out they were hiding with their 2 sons whom I haven’t seen for a long time now. I was suprised but relieved at the same time in my dream as I’ve been feeling feeling so lonely for awhile now in my waking life. I wish I had my side of the family whom I can be close to.


I dreamt about my 3 uncles who are dead, we were in a house and my uncle who is closest to me ask me to eat already with a smile and I responded yes uncle, took food from table and ate.


I have a dream of going to somewhere and my late grandmo was following me,I turned back and she asked me,why did I do so and I told her, I’ve seen what I was going for.on my way back,I saw my late grandfather on a stream,I asked him what he was doing,he told me,he’s waiting for my late grandmother to give him items to use and bathe,I was flying up and couldn’t come close to him. immediately I finished talking to my late grandfather,my late uncle came & asked if I steal,because of my success.


In my dream my there’s a mass shooting at a house where me and my family and friends are. I was shot aswell but didn’t die. Once I come too after the recovery, i’m made aware my parents have been shot and died. When i return home, it’s evident my Uncle (who in waking life has passed) was the shooter. He tries to apologise to me and my Aunty (his sister) however I’m soo angry and sad- I refuse the apology and tell him i’ll never forgive him. Can you please shed some light on interpreting this.


I dreamed my uncle who past away years ago. telling me that she lost her wig. I asked who and he said my aunt his wife . My cousin his son is still alive that we don’t talk to
or seen. He was standing there saying it’s bad luck we have to leave. My uncle all of a sudden took off in his truck and my cousin disappeared and i woke up.


I dreamed of my uncle that’s no longer here with us brace on from side to side as he was shadowing me and whispered in my ear not to stand up on the front too much just be careful and continue walking up the road I remembering shouting up the road telling him to continuing protecting me.
Barbara H


My dead uncle in my dream was unresponsive to me as I attempt to talk with him. He only talks with my only sibling/sister.


Dreamed my deceased uncle which is my living father oldest brother came to his to visit him. They were in the kitchen with my uncle leaned over the sink talking to my Dad which I couldn’t hear what the uncle was telling him. I just remembered my Dad saying hey look who came to visit. Then my Dad said he also surprised my other brother with a visit and the other brother was crying out of happy to see him. My uncle never turned around and looked at me though.


Hello, I had a strange dream. I was in my home land and then I ended up at my ex boyfriend’s house with my kids. My aunt and uncle (who’s been dead for a while) were there, we were sitting at the kitchen table and at the end they asked me, if is this what I want? Then my ex was taking us home, but before hand he argued with his dad ( who’s been dead as well for a long time, and I’ve never met him) about a birthday present for his youngest daughter. I wished he would appreciate his dad’s effort.


Thank you


in my dream i was hanging with my dead uncle but he was alive in the dream and my brother we went on a car and my uncle was driving and we went to a amusement park and i hugged my uncle goodbye and woke up

Kathy Kearns

i saw my dead uncle fall down and die of a stroke

Carolyn Gilbert

I dreamed about my uncle, my mother’s brother, who passed away last year in April 11, 2021. I dreamed April 03, around 6:30 AM that I was in a church that I have never been in before. My uncle came to me and embraced me. I didn’t see him in the church at first. I don’t know where he came from. He embraced me and hugged me tight. I asked him if he was okay. He said yes. He was very happy to see me. I asked him where was his wife, he replied, saying that she was outside in the truck.

Yvonne Sekhakhu

I dreamt that me and my little girl we where walking on this road and then suddenly we saw people coming towards running and they were chased by sheeps and as we saw we also started running and suddenly there was dirty water also flowing towards us and as we run I saw my uncle who passed away long time ago, he was standing in that yard and he asked me to give him my little girl so that she can’t be hurt


I dreamt like I was at my late uncle’s house and he had a visitor who was a male. I had to help the obese visitor get up to leave, but he fell to the floor. We, eventually managed to help him up. Next, I was tidying up my uncle’s place. Doing dishes and putting things, mainly his music CDs, in their storage place. He was talking a lot, mostly about his love for music.


In my dream, my mother , an unknown person and i were at a mountain and my uncle who is not with us anymore came to meet us. But he was standing far away. Then after some talking he vanished.


My uncle who is dead come to me and said I have some money we rode on a Yatch ride thru a city an watched the high rises an etc.

Shedrack Abraham

In a dream my dad call me that he will die and i reply to him to bless me before he die and he do so


I dreamed I was in my grandmothers house and as I was downstairs , I saw my (already deceased) uncle walking down the steps to his favorite place, in the basement and when I acknowledged him, he told me to shhhh. I asked a question and he smiled and shook his head yes and went downstairs. It was calm and peaceful just unsure of the meaning .


In my dream I was shopping with my sisters and my mom suddenly came in to the shop and wanted us to not buy things anymore (it was a cloth and grocery shop). Then she said that we had to go to a funeral because our uncle had died. I got very sad and we went to his funeral. I haven’t seen my uncle in 6 years so I was so sad that I didn’t see him one last time. He was so friendly and nice to me.


Dead uncle keeps falling out of bed and I help him get up everytime. He’s telling me something I can’t quite understand. Then he falls out of bed again in a hospital gown.


This morning I had a dream of my passed uncle. We were laughing and having a great time. We were trying to get a kid out of a car that was flooded. We hung from a tree to grab him laughing the entire time. He had to go back to heaven and as he drove away I yelled I love you, he yelled back I love you too! He was my mom’s baby and I asked if he wanted me to tell Mom anything. He said tell her I’ll call her later and smiled and drove away.


Wow! Spot on. That’s exactly what this year is about for me.
Is that why I dream of floods so often?
Thank you so much!


In dream i saw my uncle talked with someone, and keep smiling. I feel happy to see him that he come back ready.


My uncle died due to riding his motorcycle drunk. Last night he came out of nowhere threw his arm around me and said he loved me. I told him I loved him so much. He said even with all my faults? I said yes. Last time we talked he was disappointed in me. I found myself so mad n disappointed when died. Because he wasn’t leading by example. Over the years I came to forgive him. Just miss him so much n glad he came n visited me.


I dreamed my deceased uncle was telling me that his will was in the back bathroom and that there is a will

K Wills

In my dream my dead uncle pulled into a outdoor parking lot with a black car and I was covering my mothers eyes while she was sitting on a chair and telling her hold on its a suprise.


I dreamed my descesed uncle showed up. I was standing in a place and when I looked up he was there and I smiled when I saw him. It felt like he trying to get me to go somewhere.

Eva P

In my dream my deceased in real life and in the dream uncle is coming to the family table and sits silent with all the family. My aunt talks to him and another nephew of his but he’s still silent. He holds candies and I ask him to offer me in order to make him react and he gives me. My aunt doesn’t let me try them because she says he’s dead how is ot possible to have those . In a while they take the candies and check them to find out they turned bad. He stays silent.


I had a dream last night about my grand uncle, he was very happy to see me, and he sat me down and hugged me, he wanted to take a picture with me in the church we were sat in.


I dreamt of Calling out for my dead uncle whom i really missed, he came to me and I felt so much affection and i reminded him of his daughter who was also missing him


I dreamed about my deceased uncle is on the drive seat, and my father is sitting on the passenger seat. They are going on a road trip and asked me to help to get the GPS on so they can get to their destination.

Sarah 454

I had a dream I was with my uncle who I only met once, before committing suicide. we were by water on some gravel and I talked to him about remembering who he was and throughout my childhood drawing pictures of him. During our conversation I found a rock that was a fossil of a shotgun shell (the missing piece as to which I already had. I called family to that spot, and the last thing I said to my family was you’re here because, He had me bring you here. I woke up crying


My dream was about me at my childhood home (my parents just lost) hanging out with my friend and we had babies. My parents showed up and we were sitting on the couch and my deceased uncle appeared (alive in my dream) and I was so happy to see him. Then we I get up and go to my childhood room complete with bunk beds. And my uncle comes in and gives me a gift. It was a little knick-knack, a white bag with a dancing skeleton and rainbow handle. In my dream I was happy and content.


In my dream I Get a call from my mom to come home to seeing my dead uncle .. when I do come home He is playing with my pets , a white bird that flies to my uncles head, and a cat that sleeps on the table. I remember the words that he said as the bird flies to the head “I love cats” and asks me to remove the bird off his head. However two strange things is the cat is sleeping weird, he sleeps as if he is sitting like a human. And the “home” I come to isn’t recognizable. What does all this mean?


In my dream my (deceased but alive in my dream
Uncle) and me was at a family and friends gathering at my old apartment and I was going to have some private time with one the girls I liked but there was no door and I seen him looking so I hadn’t done anything with her and he got up and approached me and had said you just left me there I was waiting for you but your over here with this girl trying to do whatever and he asked me what I was doing and I had said just talking then things escalated


In my dream there was a knock at the front door, someone opened the door as I was coming own the stairs at which point my uncle (who recently passed) ran into my house naked and it ended there. What could that mean?


I dreamt I was at a family BBQ my (deceased but alive in my dream) uncle. I had my 4 yr old son with me and I wasn’t really enjoying myself because I don’t get along with my cousins. So out of nowhere a man shows up with a blowtorch and tries to burn us all. My uncle protects my child by standing in front of the person with the blowtorch so I can grab my son and run to safety. As I lift my son over a fence I turn a round and see my uncle smile at me as the guy with the blowtorch sets him on fire

Rafael Zuniga

In my dream I’m helping my uncle, who is no longer with us, pick up trash and throw it in a dumpster that is over full. I keep telling him that it’s full and he still wants me to dump the trash in it. The dumpster catches fire and the fire reaches us but does not burn us… behind us is a fence and beyond that fence are animals and in those there is a bright red fox. It comes towards us thru a hole in the fence and I think it’s going to attack us but my uncle pets it and tells me it’s harmless