Dream about seeing falling

Dream about Seeing Falling is a signal for new ideas, hope or spiritual enlightenment. You want to escape the mundaneness. Things are going well in your relationship or some aspect of your life. This dream points to self-restrictions. You need to expand your awareness and knowledge.

Seeing Falling is a clue for your faithfulness and conviction towards your interest and your loyalty to your friends. Your rivals are attempting to bring down your good name. Some protective force is helping you move forward in life. This dream hints your need to keep up your appearances. You are feeling like a punching bag.

Dreaming of See and Fall

See in your dream is your hidden desire to hurt someone or something. You are looking for order. You are underestimating your risks in some endeavor or activity. The dream stands for some major marital or relationship problem. You have a fear of separation or fear of being alone.

See in this dream stands for your shyness. You are in need of protection. You are looking for emotional support. The dream refers to your subconscious desires to get back with your ex. You need to get more acquainted with some aspect of yourself.

Fall in dream is a sign for aspects of yourself that you need to discard and get rid of. You have trouble making yourself heard. You are being close-minded. This dream suggests your reckless habits. You are looking for some comfort and support.

Fall dream stands for firm and concrete ideas or plans that are being set into motion. Your high ideals are crashing down on you. You want to feel whole or you need to be more well-rounded. This dream states your determination and issues regarding dependence/independence. You need to learn from your disappointments and just be happy.

Dream about both “See” and “Fall” hints overwhelming feelings of guilt. It is time for you to tread on and speed up your actions. There is some wrongdoing or evil workings in your life or environment. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for a lack of protection against risk. Something is weighing on your mind that you are confused about.

Dream about seeing falling is an indication for some negative force that is working against you. Some important and significant relationship has been severed. You are unwilling to confront some painful and disturbing aspect of your subconscious. This dream is a message for your strategy for success. There is something you are hiding from others.

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