Dream about seeing girlfriend with another man

Dream about Seeing Girlfriend With Another Man is a clue for advice that some of their songs may offer in some situation. They are up to something. Perhaps there is something in your subconscious that you are trying to prevent from emerging. The dream symbolises a sense of security and belonging. You have a fear of being exposed.

See in your dream is a signal for your adaptability to your surroundings. Perhaps what you portray or project does not match who you really are inside. You are feeling frustrated in a relationship. Your dream states your desire to reconnect with a part of yourself that you have lost touch with. Perhaps there is an article of clothing that you are trying to fit into.

Girlfriend dream is about rightness of an idea, decision, or plan. You need to listen to directions carefully. You are being told that you were never loved. This dream is a portent for some negative energy or influence in your life. Perhaps you have problems taking criticism.

Man in this dream expresses your own drive and leadership abilities. Your thinking or judgment is being clouded by your emotions. You need to separate yourself from your parent’s restrictions and confines. This dream signifies your askew perspective or view. Perhaps you are looking for your purpose in life.

Dreaming of See and Girlfriend and Man

Dream About Seeing Girlfriend is an evidence for your ability to balance aspects of your life with success. You are set on the path to self knowledge and self discovery. You feel like you are living in your own drama. The dream points to your own personal associations with your country. You are feeling inspired.

Dream About Seeing Man stands for harmony in the home. You are in need of spiritual healing. Somebody offered you advice or comfort in your time of need. Your dream indicates a reminder that you will eventually get to where you need. Perhaps you are feeling self-conscious about specific gender roles.

Dream About Girlfriend With Another Man stands for celebration, joy and youth, especially if there are children playing inside it. Something or someone is pulling you in opposite directions. You are filled with enthusiasm, excitement or ideas. The dream is a clue for an aspect of yourself that you are ashamed of. You are feeling physically and emotionally drained.

Dream about Seeing Girlfriend With Another Man is an evidence for devotion, obedience and spiritual enlightenment. You are open to exploring your subconscious thoughts and feelings. You have more influence and power than you realize. This dream refers to profit and the realization of your desires. You are showing confidence in your ability.

Sometimes, dream about seeing girlfriend with another man is unfortunately a warning for a lost in your identity. You are lacking love or support in some endeavor in your life. Your careless activities and indiscretion may lead to major problems and complications. Your dream stands for feelings of insignificance, helplessness and unworthiness. You are confused and want resolution to a matter, but do not know how to go about it.

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Hello! Last night I dream of my gf, whom I am going to marry. Here it goes. In my dream I was going to my gf to give her something, and when I knock on the door she opened the door and I saw her with another guy(complete stranger to her), who was laying on a chair going through his mobile. I was heart broken by the sight. I gave her the item and she took it and I secretly told her with hand action not to have any physical intimacy with him (as my thoughts were to marry her if she’s still clean).