Dream about seeing white sheep

Dream about Seeing White Sheep refers to strength, responsibility and burdens. You are experiencing great satisfaction and freedom in your life. You are looking for comfort and warmth. The dream expresses some situation or something that is moving slowly. You are putting on a facade toward others.

See in your dream refers to confusion and ambiguity in the direction of your life. You are trying to hold on to memories. You are frustrated with work. This dream suggests some dangerous or risky activities. You need to stand up for your rights.

White dream symbolises a situation that is in need of repair or attention. You may be feeling vulnerable or helpless in some situation. You are just getting started on an important path. This dream is sometimes grave or concerns about a serious or sad situation. You need to be careful in how you phrase and word things or run the risk of offending others.

Sheep in this dream is feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. You are trying to take the quick and easy path to success. You tend to run toward one idea after another. Your dream expresses how the world turns or revolves. You are looking down on yourself.

Dreaming of See and White and Sheep

Dream About Seeing White is an indication for satisfaction with a current project. Somebody is offering you motivation and encouragement to proceed with some endeavor. You are moving in the right direction. The dream is about a spiritual journey. You are learning from past experiences.

Dream About See Sheep is a signal for your drive, tenacity and ambition. You have the knowledge within yourself to maximize your potential. You are ready to make a fresh start. Your dream is a sign for you need to be more affectionate to the ones you love and care about. Some friend or family member is in need of your help.

Dream About White Sheep means heart and issues of the heart. You are easily influenced. You feel on edge. The dream is sometimes independence, alertness and virility. You will need to work hard in order to achieve your goals.

Dream about Seeing White Sheep symbolises free enterprise and patriotism. You are receiving a message. You want recognition for your efforts. Your dream means your surroundings. You are taking credit for the work of others.

Sometimes, dream about seeing white sheep is a premonition for a lack of balance, autonomy, or independence in your life. You feel he or she is not responding to your needs or that you are not being heard. You are wasting time, money, or some aspect of your life. Your dream is a symbol for an easy-going attitude or a lack of competitive spirit. Your anger or aggression is out of control.

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