Dream about seeing yourself swimming

Dream about Seeing Yourself Swimming is a premonition for fertility and renewal. Perhaps you have been depriving yourself of some joy or pleasure. You are being rewarded and recognized for your generosity and giving nature. The dream is an omen for untainted love and honored devotion. Perhaps you are struggling to find answers to some fundamental question or you are seeking the truth to something.

Seeing Yourself Swimming symbolises the thrills and dangers in some aspect of your life. You feel that you are better than others. Your hard work will pay off in the end with sweet results. Your dream denotes joy, glory and victory. You need to get up and exercise more!

Dreaming of See and Swim

See in your dream signals impatience or impulsiveness. You are going through an obstacle course. You have accepted aspects of a relationship and learned from those past mistakes. The dream is about hard work, labor and diligence. You may need to think outside the lines into more unconventional thoughts and ways of doing things.

See in this dream is a message for your inability to get what you want. You are being your true self or that someone is being their real self. You are in search of your inner strength or are trying to connect with your subconscious. This dream stands for your need to belong. You may be ignoring or avoiding an important family/emotional issue.

Swim in dream signifies issues and feelings that you have not dealt with. You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. You are being naive. This dream hints your current situation and the obstacles that you are experiencing. You need to be more direct in telling others how you feel.

Swim dream is a sign for global communication and how we are all dependent on each other. You need to make your opinions and views known. Your emotional wounds are beginning to heal. Your dream is a metaphor for oppression, lowliness and vulnerability. You are underestimating your own abilities or someone else’s.

Dream about both “See” and “Swim” hints a hidden part of yourself that you are trying to reject and push back into your subconscious. You are being wasteful and thus need to reevaluate certain aspects of your life. You need to try and make it on your own abilities and merit. Your dream is an evidence for a situation that is potentially dangerous or a relationship where you are getting burned. You have an skewed perception of your own image which may stem from low self-esteem.

Dream about seeing yourself swimming hints glitz, glamour and fame. You are afraid of differences. You may be feeling inhibited in expressing your identity. Your dream is a portent for your core values and beliefs. You may be experiencing an upheaval in your life.

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