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Dream about sewing new cloth

Dream about Sewing New Cloth is a sign for emotions that you have repressed, but are ready to confront. It is time to catch up with old friends. You take pleasure in the simple things in life. The dream is an evidence for integrity. A recent turn of events will soon change your way of life.

Sew in your dream symbolises financial worries and concerns. You may be afraid to ask for help and as a result tend to take matters into your own hands. You are making the same mistakes and reacting the same way. Your dream symbolises depression and sadness. There are some aspects of yourself that you have denied.

New in your dream states fire, drive and passion. You may experience setbacks and disappointments in love. Your tenacity and perseverance will pay off in the end. This dream is a clue for the Self, wholeness and completion. You need to reevaluate your diet and lifestyle.

Cloth in this dream signals the primitive, unruly aspect of yourself. You need to be more accepting of yourself and less judgmental of others. You are looking for romance, excitement and freshness that is lacking in your present relationship. Your dream stands for your desire for wealth or material possessions. You need to be more assertive, aggressive and confident in your abilities and talents.

Dreaming of Sew and New and Cloth

Dream About Sewing Cloth is a hint for joy, light hearted fun and pleasure. You are able to adapt to the changing environments that you find yourself in. There is something in your life that you need to let go. This dream is a sign for characteristics in a person that you loved and you find within your own self. You are giving up on something that you had once believed.

Dream About New Cloth is a message for the importance of spiritual enlightenment and inner strength as opposed to material richness. Sometimes you need to seek the help of others in order to accomplish some mutual goal. You need to be more open and expressive with your personality. The dream indicates your potential and abilities. Through your life experiences, you will build character and become stronger.

Dream about Sewing New Cloth represents meditation and reflection. You are opening up. You will experience many setbacks, especially if you continue to let your emotions run out of control. Your dream is a symbol for hesitation in expressing how you really feel. You are feeling swamped from work, a relationship, or other emotional burden.

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I met an old friend who offered to sew me new clothes. He suggested different designs and fabrics for me to choose from, and after making a selection, we negotiated a price and agreed on when it would be available. He then took my measurements and promised to sew me something that would fit perfectly.


This morning I dreamed of my father ordering me to sew a new cloth for him when I was sitting, conversing with the two of my oldest siblings, my sister on my left side and my brother in front of me. My father showed up with his work clothes, light blue coloured shirt with with white stripes on it the narrow checkered pattern. He gives me the material but when he opened it, the colour is pink and patterned with white flowers. I’m confused since it looks like a woman clothing and I tell him no I can’t sew him one without sewing machine which we do not own but only sewing needles and threads. And that I need his measurements. I hinted to him a strong no since I am uncomfortable to measure him especially we are estranged in real life. So I throw the sewing material to my older brother who is sitting in front of me, telling him to do it for father. I make a deal with him to sew the cloth. If it didn’t go well, he will get a new cloth for himself probably because of measurement problem.

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