Dream about shattered glass

Dream about Shattered Glass is a premonition for joviality and light hearted fun. You will be unexpected call on to defend your honor. There is an imbalance in your life. This dream is a metaphor for a emotional attraction toward a person. Your love or interest for them is fading.

Shattered Glass is a sign for wealth and prosperity. Both your mental and emotional forces are building up inside and making themselves known. Someone has a powerful influence on you. The dream hints a valuable lesson to be learned. It is time to let go of the past and move on.

Dreaming of Shattered and Glass

Shattered dream represents aspects of your own self that you are still trying to get to know. You are no longer in control of your life. You need to acknowledge and incorporate those corresponding qualities within your own self. This dream points to some major setbacks and obstacles in achieving your goals. Others are dragging you down.

Shattered in this dream is an indication for how you manipulate your surroundings. Perhaps you are near your breaking point. You need to channel your energy in a positive way. This dream expresses your creativeness or emotional nature. You are being too dependent.

Glass in dream symbolises your need for cleansing or healing. You need to take a chance in life in order to reap the rewards. You are receptive to different viewpoints. Your dream draws attention to your close-mindedness and limited way of thinking. You are putting too much of your energy into one element of your life.

Glass dream is about mental agility. You are trying to buy your way into a situation or relationship. You need to work on cultivating and recognizing new opportunities. The dream is a harbinger for your resourcefulness and your hands on approach to various situations. You need to be more giving, accepting and forgiving.

Dream about both “Shattered” and “Glass” is sadly a warning signal for a lack of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. You need to try another perspective to succeed. You are not prepared for the major changes that are happening around you. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for aspects of yourself that are dirty and negative and which you believe to be undesirable and repulsive. You need to learn to behave appropriately for the different situations and various circumstances you find yourself in.

Dream about shattered glass is a message for the things you reveal and the aspects of yourself that you keep to yourself. You are entering a new phase in your life (a new job, relationship, etc.) You being conscious and aware about a particular situation. This dream suggests the things you value in life. You need to tell yourself that it is mind over matter.

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