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Dream about shell crabs

Dream about Shell Crabs signifies spiritual renewal and healing. There is something you can learn from your friends or others. You feel it is your job to repair and put things back in order. This dream indicates the struggles and challenges in your life. You are caught in a complicated life situation.

Shell Crabs is a harbinger for new undertakings and emergence of fresh energy. Your love or interest for them is fading. It is time to make a new start. This dream stands for something dramatic that may have happened or will happen in the public aspect of your life. You may be battling fidelity or loyalty issues in a relationship.

Dreaming of Shell and Crab

Shell in your dream draws attention to a fear of reliving your childhood. You need to take some time off to restore your energy and replenish your resources. You do not hold back in your relationship and tend to give your full self into it. This dream indicates your fear of betrayal and your untrusting nature. You need to view a situation from a different perspective.

Crab in dream is an omen for an imbalance or some struggle in a personal situation or business matter. Someone that you loved is being unresponsive to your needs. You are trying to convey your emotions. Your dream is a clue for your eccentricities or wittiness. Balance has been restored in your once chaotic or hectic life.

Dream about both “Shell” and “Crab” is a sign for your desire to break out of the routine; you want a change of pace. You have put up a defensive wall around yourself. You are standing in the way of your own progress and need to ask for help. The dream sadly draws attention to failure in honoring your obligation and commitments. You may find a situation where you have lost the advantage.

Dream about shell crabs is your need for some balance in your life. You want more control and power over your own life and where it is headed. You are recognizing your roots and where you came from. This dream is a hint for luck. You are welcoming something new into your life.

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