Dream about shining star

Dream about Shining Star signifies excitement, lust, or sensuality. You like being the object of desire. You will rise to a position of prominence and power. This dream denotes your desires to stay connected with others. It is time to move on.

Shining Star is a message for to stress at work. You need to cherish the love you have. You believe that you are being unfairly treated. Your dream is an evidence for some intimate or romantic relationship. Something in your life is bothering you more than you want to admit.

Dreaming of Shin and Star

Shin dream points to broken engagements and sadness. You are looking for better control. You are trying to target a specific goal. This dream draws attention to your fear of losing the friendship and loyalty of an important person. You are avoiding some issue.

Shin in this dream suggests dependency and immaturity. You need help in order to get your idea or project off the ground. You are able to keep your anger and aggression under control. The dream suggests your goals, aspirations and hopes. You are going through some crisis in your life.

Star in dream is a harbinger for the barriers and obstacles that are in your way throughout your life. You may feel nervous about exposing yourself and are feeling a resurgence of those old emotions and feelings. You need to be more in touch with your sensuality. The dream refers to your defense mechanisms. You need to proceed at a steady pace in realizing your goals.

Star dream points at a mental challenge or a problem in your life that you need to solve. You are fixated on your own shortcomings. You are trying to hide your true feelings. Your dream is about feelings of guilt. You need to stop going around in circles.

Dream about both “Shin” and “Star” is a warning alert for indecision and how you are unable to commit to something. You are lacking adventure in your life. You are running away from your problems. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for the death of an old situation before the rebirth into a new stage. You are trying too hard.

Dream about shining star means romance in your relationship. You have accepted some aspect of yourself. You are seeking a sense of security. This dream signifies your shadow aspect. You are giving up on something that you had once believed.

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