Dream about silver dollar

Dream about Silver Dollar symbolises passivity. You are in style or in fashion. Some elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being. This dream represents a pleasant surprise. You will eventually achieve your desires and goals after some effort and struggle.

Silver Dollar is about representing masculinity, energy and vigor. You are well-grounded. You want a person to open up to you. This dream is a symbol for determination, strength and wisdom. You have more self confidence and belief in yourself.

Dreaming of Silver and Dollar

Silver in your dream is a sign for what is holding your relationship together. You need to acknowledge your spirituality. Some creative energy is being released or recognized. The dream hints your eating habits and that you need to add certain nutrients to your diet. You are trying to escape from life’s stresses.

Silver in this dream is a premonition for a part of your subconscious mind where you have kept your fears and problems hidden. You are experiencing major setbacks in your goals. You need to take a different approach toward some situation or relationship. The dream refers to your feelings about authority. You need to pay attention to the actions and behavior of your friend or co-worker.

Dollar in dream means your need for patience. You will find yourself in an adverse situation. You need to channel your inner strength and find the power from within. The dream denotes your pursuit for knowledge and information. You need to better get a grip of your inner emotions.

Dollar dream is a harbinger for conflict between your spiritual beliefs and what is practical. You do not want to hear some truth. You are feeling off balance and out of sync. Your dream is a sign for how far or how little you have advanced in your life. You need to back off or retreat from a situation that you are currently facing in your life.

Dream about both “Silver” and “Dollar” is unfortunately an admonition for the womb and thus signify refuge, protection and concealment. You may be lacking inspiration and need some new motivation in life. You may be feeling burdened or drained in some way or that you find yourself needing to support others. This dream stands for your desire for instant wealth or may be you are looking for fame. There is a negative influence or force pulling you toward the dark side.

Dream about silver dollar suggests your closeness and relationship with a particular person. You have totally let go of a relationship. You hold the knowledge to make some important decision in your life. This dream represents your tendency to keep you emotions and thoughts inside instead of expressing them. You are feeling disconnected with one of your parents.

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