Dream about singing and dancing

Dream about Singing And Dancing is an indication for some primitive impulse and raw energy. You may have an ideal that you are tying to attain. You are showing confidence in your ability. This dream means your need to exhibit some of good qualities in your life. Some important news or information will soon be revealed to you.

Singing And Dancing is about of intellect, enlightenment, awareness or the search for truth. You are able to see the bright side of a negative situation. You feel that you cannot depend on anyone and that you will end up alone. This dream symbolises power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself. You are unwilling to change and evolve with the times.

Dreaming of Singing and Dancing

Singing in your dream is a harbinger for the meeting between your two states of mind – the rational and the irrational. You are going through a period of uncertain changes. You need to extend or reach out to something or someone. This dream is a portent for wild and erratic behavior. You are blocking out external worries and problems.

Singing in this dream is a metaphor for guidance, direction and unification. You are trying to change how you see yourself and how others see you. You may be putting up your defenses. Your dream expresses your giving nature. You need to keep silent about some situation.

Dancing in dream is about guilt, fear and repressed memories. Perhaps you need to learn to laugh at yourself. You need to alter your reasoning and make a stronger argument. This dream is a portent for your stubbornness. You are no longer able to contain or repress your emotions.

Dancing dream is a sign for your basic needs and priorities. You are well-grounded or down to earth. You are stuck in your current circumstances. The dream denotes a situation that has created a loss of respect for you. You need to learn to when to get out of people’s business and respect their privacy.

Dream about both “Singing” and “Dancing” means old emotions or memories that you have stored or locked away. The decisions and choices you are making now may be misinterpreted as disloyalty. You may feel that someone or some situation is invading into your space. Your dream refers to the strikes, hits and misses in your life. You are having problems communicating your feelings and thoughts to others.

Dream about singing and dancing refers to your high level of confidence. You are experiencing an emotional standstill. You are feeling under-appreciated. Your dream is the merging power of love and creativity. You are connecting with your sensual side.

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In my dream I was leading praise in a church and everyone was dancing happily. And to my understanding they instrumentalists don’t want the music to come to an end because when I end the praise they were still playing. Then I woke up.