Dream about sitting chair

Dream about Sitting Chair suggests your grace and poise in a situation or circumstance. You need to confront and overcome current difficulties before you can move forward with your life. You should be able to easily deal with your feelings. The dream is a metaphor for gratifying success in your endeavors. You expressing a desire to keep your distance.

Sitting Chair is a signal for your connections and relations to others. It is an end to something; you are leaving some past behind. You are feeling physically and emotionally drained. Your dream is a harbinger for independence, alertness and virility. A person can help you in your current situation.

Dreaming of Sit and Chair

Sit in your dream is an evidence for criticism and gossip. Sometimes you need the help of others in order to attain your goals. You feel stifled in some way. Your dream represents feelings that you are not expressing in your life. You need to determine if some of your goal is still worth pursuing.

Sit in this dream is a clue for your need to relax and be less serious. You may even be showing off a little bit. You are wasting your time. This dream is a harbinger for aspects of your own self that you are rejecting or refusing to acknowledge. You are spending too much time in trivial matters.

Chair in dream is a portent for suppression of your cold feelings. Your feelings of being annoyed or irritated. You need to take advantage of an opportunity before it is gone forever. The dream is sometimes your flexibility and adaptability to any situation. You are looking for a little bit of strength in order to move forward in a situation.

Chair dream is an indication for domesticity and lifelong companionship. You need to dig a little deeper into a situation or problem. You need to show more restraint and composure in some situation. This dream suggests unfulfilled desires. You make a mistake.

Dream about both “Sit” and “Chair” hints your ability to control you animalistic rages and anger. You are experiencing a lot of anger, rage and turmoil. You are not able to overcome your difficulties. This dream expresses some emotional difficulty that can only be overcome through some pain. You are overcompensating for something that is lacking in your life.

Dream about sitting chair is a metaphor for greed and temptation. You feel alone and that no one understands you. You are transitioning smoothly through life’s events. Your dream is about there is a price you need to pay to attain your goals. You are maximizing your energies and putting it toward worthwhile pursuits.

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I have dreamed that I entered a train(at first I thought it was a bus) and as I was looking for a sit, I felt that I wanted to sit in a soft chair. But then I saw a rocking chair inside the train and I sat on it. It was my first time seeing a rocking chair in a dream and it made me curious.


Thank you!