Dream about sleeping alligator

Dream about Sleeping Alligator is an omen for the way you want to present yourself to the public. You will experience much success through your perseverance. You now have clarity and insight into a once unclear situation. Your dream hints a personal fantasy you have. Perhaps something is taking a emotional toll on you.

Sleeping Alligator is imperfections. You are feeling exhausted. You feel that you are only taking what you are entitled to. The dream points at sacredness and spiritual nourishment. Some situation or relationship has you hypnotized.

Dreaming of Sleep and Alligator

Sleep in your dream represents purification and cleansing. Your reputation is being attacked and called into question. Your emotions have gotten out of control. This dream is a signal for your overly competitive and aggressive nature. You need to work harder at something.

Sleep in this dream is a premonition for how you or someone is monopolizing your time, a discussion or your finances. You have made an overly strong statement. Don’t be so black and white about everything. The dream denotes your need to heal. You are reluctant in fully expressing yourself.

Alligator in dream is a metaphor for feelings that have been downplayed and overlooked. You are trying to gain an upper hand on some situation. Perhaps you need to change your attitude or ways. Your dream is a clue for painful memories that is emerging from your subconscious. Perhaps you need to show more humility in a situation.

Alligator dream is about feelings of abandonment and unworthiness. You are feeling guilty about something in your life. You are looking to reconnect with your ex in some way. Your dream points to some very deep pain or internal conflict within your soul. You need to take a risk or a stand.

Dream about both “Sleep” and “Alligator” is unfortunately your preoccupation with a problem that has given you much anxiety. You are feeling restricted or limited with your authority. Some unseen irritation may not surface until it is too late. The dream represents a loss in your personal identity. You are narrow minded in some problem.

Dream about sleeping alligator is an omen for danger and poison. There is something important holding you back. You are exhibiting caution in what you share about yourself. This dream is a hint for your responsibility in keeping and holding a situation or relationship together. You appreciate the minor and sweet things in life.

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