Dream about sleeping in sand

Dream about Sleeping In Sand is pride, confidence and vanity. You may be embracing something that you may not be familiar with. You have recognized your full potential. This dream denotes your power as a group. It is time to confront these suppressed issues.

Sleeping In Sand symbolises your spiritual freedom or the subconscious. You are seeking a simpler way of life. You feel that circumstances in your life has lead you on a different course. This dream is control. Your transition will be an emotional one.

Dreaming of Sleep and Sand

Sleep in your dream states your lackadaisical attitude. You or someone has been impeached. Perhaps you are going too fast or not keeping up. Your dream hints fear and your frigid attitude. You need to show more of your creativity in your life.

Sleep in this dream points at health concerns. You need to rekindle old friendships and to call up an old friend that you haven’t heard from in awhile. You are searching for your individual self and for a more meaningful existence. The dream signals your own views of marriage. Perhaps something has made you emotionally numb.

Sand in dream points at some situation/difficulties in your daily life or relationship. Perhaps a relationship is repeating the same pattern. You are refusing to confront some painful, disturbing or destructive aspect of your subconscious. This dream is a signal for your intuition. You are trying to take a more objective view on your life issues.

Sand dream hints the things in your life that you need to put to rest and let go of. You have been deceived. You have lost the ability to express your feelings. The dream refers to your emotions and how cold and rigid you are behaving. Perhaps you need to calm down and take things a little slowly.

Dream about both “Sleep” and “Sand” hints abundance, plentitude, fertility and prosperity. You are one-sided in your views and in your thinking. Someone may be trying to motivate you. The dream is sadly a lack of maturity or capabilities. You can no longer ignore your friends advices.

Dream about sleeping in sand stands for the positive aspects of change. You need to seek some outside advice. You have triumph over much adversity. The dream means your self-expression and creativity. You are seeking clarity in a situation.

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