Dream about snakes and snails

Dream about Snakes And Snails is the signals and hidden messages that you are conveying or sending out. You will achieve success through underhanded means. You are preoccupied with your appearance and are worried about how others perceive you. The dream is about your high aspirations. Perhaps you to be more understanding about a situation or event.

Snakes And Snails means spiritual development, potential, growth and transformation. You are reclaiming your independence and power. You may be experiencing a higher level of consciousness, new-found freedom and greater awareness. This dream points at a mutual understanding. You lead an active life and are always on the go.

Dreaming of Snake and Snail

Snake in your dream is an omen for some major change in your current relationship. You or someone is being a show-off with little or no regards for others. You need to be careful in who you trust and who you confide in. This dream refers to the results of your creativity and hard work. You need to exercise more control over someone or some situation.

Snake in this dream is a sign for a situation or relationship that you need to soothe over. Perhaps you are too conservative in your daily life and need to experiment. You may be expressing doubt in some new endeavor, relationship or situation. This dream is a portent for anxiety and distress arising from a peculiar situation. You are literally still trying to find yourself and figure out where you want to go in life.

Snail in dream stands for how you are looking things from a different perspective. It is time to rebuild. You are spending so much time playing a game or watching TV. The dream denotes people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. You need to distance yourself from some issue.

Snail dream means issues and concerns with money and security. You are suppressing your sad feelings. You have trouble making yourself heard. This dream represents abundance and prosperity. You are paying too much attention to a person or an object.

Dream about both “Snake” and “Snail” is a clue for a lack of stability in your life. You are losing control of a situation in your life. Things in your life are not going as smoothly as you would like. Your dream is a signal for despair, unpleasant changes, or some emotional breakdown. You are lacking ambition and goals.

Dream about snakes and snails represents energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. You are going through some social or cultural changes. You may be honoring some victory, success, or accomplishment. This dream suggests your ability, determination and level of confidence. You know what course of action you need to take and are moving forward in a productive manner.

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I was just in the middle of a farm with my sisters…and I just bent to take off some wood and on the process saw a big snai,I kept removing pieces of wood to reveal more snails….and then it jumped to a community were there are snakes everywhere…like all over the place.