Dream about snakes spitting venom

Dream about Snakes Spitting Venom points to your mind and its flowing thoughts. You secretly want what the other person has. You have your life in order. The dream is a harbinger for completion of a journey or some task. You are able to see what others cannot.

Snake in your dream is an evidence for the need for change and your need to fit into a new situation or role. Perhaps you need to avoid certain food, habit, person, situation, etc. You need to be cautious about what people are telling you. The dream is an evidence for some advice and message that your subconscious is trying to convey. You are afraid of making a wrong impression.

Spit dream is a portent for the search for Self. You need to pay closer attention to a problem or issue. You need to be more expressive. This dream represents your need to relax and let loose or that you need to settle down a little. You are in denial about something or you are rejecting someone.

Venom in this dream is a portent for self indulgence. Big things are in store for you. You are looking to reconnect with your ex in some way. The dream suggests an issue that you need to address immediately before it gets to a critical state. You may be trying to evaluate a situation and gather information about your environment.

Dreaming of Snake and Spit and Venom

Dream About Snake Spit is a signal for your search for spiritual balance, understanding and harmony. You know things will happen at their own pace. It is time to confront a specific person on an issue. Your dream is a metaphor for dissatisfaction in your love life. You need to inject more enthusiasm, fun, or determination into your life.

Dream About Snake Venom states the playful aspects of your life. You are making a resolution. You will see an improvement to your financial situation. Your dream points to your relationship with logic/objectivity and the subconscious/subjectivity. You need to draw on your inner strength.

Spit and Venom is a clue for your playful attitude or your child-like emotions. You are in style or in fashion. You are holding something back, especially when it comes to your emotions. The dream points at adoration, courtesy, friendship and respect. You are expressing your femininity in a seductive and cunning manner rather than in an overtly and almost destructive way.

Dream about Snakes Spitting Venom suggests creation, imagination and new ideas. You are being modest. You are taking on more than you can handle. The dream is a harbinger for tradition, protection, wisdom and a caring nature. Your ambition and drive is getting in the way of your personal relationships.

Sometimes, dream about snakes spitting venom refers to a negative turn in business and in health. What may seem good in the beginning, will ultimately be unsatisfying and unfulfilling. You are on the defensive about something and may be a little overly aggressive about it. This dream suggests a superficial and reversible mistake in your life. You are lacking initiative.

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In my dream I saw a snake right in my face mouth wide open spitting venom. I woke up at 3:30 from this dream my forehead at my third eye was wet. What exactly does this mean for me?


happily flying high listening to songs going on my way to somewhere
stopped after seeing a relative talking to my friends
then met with the friends had a chat with em while i was smoking weed
suddenly multiple snakes appeared and fought each other with 2 snakes surviving in the end
i think they both were coming to me when i picked up a snake and was holding in my hand and it spit venom on my face
the next one i tried to do the same but it didn’t do anything
then i woke up


I dreamt of an oversized snake, a giant 20-30 foot snake that was brought in for a demonstration. It didn’t follow direction and came for me. I curled up scared but then stood up and confronted in which it attacked by spitting venom everywhere. The venom left black welts if it touched skin. In the same dream I saw giant mealworms eating the earth from within. If you stepped where they were, you fell through and dissolved. Stairs formed,I exited and had a worm squeeze from my finger.


This is also rare in the fact that I rarely remember what I dream, this was extremely intense.

Ajuluchukwu Chinedu Samuel

Dreamt of seeing a big snake it was a cobra . I picked up a stone and threw at it. The stone landed on it’s front and made a splash of dust to its face…. it turned to me in anger and started spitting but it wasn’t getting close to me.


I just had a dream about snakes spitting venom at me, so many different types of snakes, more and more kept on appearing and following me while I climb and get away, I try to shield my face from the venom.


Had a dream Of small snake on my back spitting poison but that poison didn’t kill me as I got afraid I tried to remove it from my back and it fell in ground I tried to wake myself up shouting it’s just a dream it’s just a dream


i just woke up from this dream with my best friend / coworker where we saw this beautiful green snake and it sprayed us with venom or spit but me and my friend ran away as it showered us …we whereby scared i felt like we knew it wasn’t actually venom the snake was kinda playing with us i can’t shake this feeling of it meaning more that just a random dream it was so vivid .


I saw a coworker putting a gold color pillowcase with something in it on my bed!
I said to her :”Rhonda I know you Just didn’t put a snake into it and dropped it on my bed”?
I grab the pillowcase and bang on the bed twice ,dropped it and walked to the end of the bed. The snake came out and spits venom towards my face ,I tried to turned ,but, it still catches the left corner of my mouth , the tip of my tongue and my left shoulder ,it felt like acid