Dream about someone diagnosed with cancer

Dream about Someone Diagnosed With Cancer points at the merging of the female and male aspects of your character. You need to move on with some situation or some aspect of your life. You may be dwelling on a situation and it is time to move forward. You are working on a fresh self-image. This dream is an omen for the sacrifices in your life. You are in tune with your surroundings and environment.

Someone in your dream expresses being or feeling like the sole or only support of some person or situation. You need to change your approach toward your goal. You need to work through the difficulty and overcome obstacles in your life. Your dream is a premonition for your helplessness and your fears of letting others become aware of your vulnerabilities and incompetence. You are sticking your nose into other people’s business.

Diagnose in your dream is an indication for protection or luck. You are being prevented to full express yourself. You need to cleanse your emotions and rid yourself of all the negativity you are experiencing in your life. The dream is about something that needs beautifying. You are shutting down emotionally.

Cancer in this dream is an evidence for jealousy, lust or temptation. You may be in the middle of some situation that you cannot get out of. You are outwitted by a rival. Your dream is a hint for a loss or a period of mourning. Perhaps you have some unfulfilled desires or unfinished business.

Dreaming of Someone and Diagnose and Cancer

Someone and Diagnose points to dependability and security. You need to move forward with some decision or action. You are receptive to new ideas. The dream is a harbinger for your need for power and control. You are about to venture on an important life journey needed for your own personal growth.

Dream About Someone Cancer is a signal for vitality and happiness. You are harboring some repressed emotions. Something in your life is moving to an another level. Your dream is a message for the power and strength of your passions. You are remaining completely silent.

Dream About Diagnosed Cancer is a symbol for maternal instinct or natural power. Some action needs to be completed before you can move onto the next phase. Something or someone is perfect. This dream is an evidence for your relationships with those around you and how you connect with the world. You are experiencing some confrontation in your life.

Dream about Someone Diagnosed With Cancer represents the discovery of your personal, family, or cultural secrets. You feel that the livelihood of the relationship depends on you. You feel restricted from what you really want to do. The dream points to a project that you are passionate about. Something in your life is bothering you more than you want to admit.

Sometimes, dream about someone diagnosed with cancer is a harbinger for a lack of wisdom or confusion in some situation. There is a situation that you are trying to avoid or hide from. You refuse to be dismissed. This dream represents your attempts to cover up your own character flaws and habits. You are avoiding some issue or situation that is being symbolized by a person.

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