Dream about someone digging foundation

Dream about Someone Digging Foundation refers to some emotional issue. You are leaving behind the old and making a new start. Someone is very in touch with his/her sensitivity and emotions. This dream is a symbol for extreme nervousness or excitement. You need to draw wisdom from your past experiences.

Someone in your dream is about feelings of aggression. You are being accused of some wrongdoing. Sometimes you are giving off the wrong impression to others. The dream is a sign for some inner transformation or changes. You may need to put forth a little more effort toward some relationship.

Digging dream is an evidence for your nurturing abilities. You are making a rash decision. You need to keep your guard up. Your dream is a symbol for being supreme or being at the top of some situation or circumstance. Perhaps, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Foundation in this dream is a clue for a significant message or some advice. You are acting out your emotional wishes. You are shutting out those who are trying to help you. Your dream is a portent for your limited perspective. You are being taken advantaged of or that you are blindly following others.

Dreaming of Someone and Digging and Foundation

Dream About Someone Digging hints the two different aspects of your life. You may be trying to shut out loved ones. You have a wandering mind. Your dream is a symbol for new beginnings, renewal of life and energy and fulfillment of your goals and purpose. You are separating your mind from your body.

Someone and Foundation symbolises your need for more self discipline in your life. You are feeling the weight of life’s daily demands piled onto you. You are always helping others with their goals. The dream represents family togetherness and joy. You are moving ahead toward a new stage in your life.

Dream About Digging Foundation points at fertility, spiritual development, potential and growth. You feel you are entitled to certain things. You are able to cope with life’s changes with grace and understanding. Your dream is a harbinger for your desire to open up and be understood. You are trying to connect with a person on a spiritual or intellectual level.

Dream about Someone Digging Foundation is a signal for unexpressed angers and other powerful feelings which you are holding back. You are reevaluating your path in life. You fear that your secrets will be revealed. The dream is a message for domestic bliss and prosperity. It is time to let go of the past and move on.

Sometimes, dream about someone digging foundation symbolises your lost of trust in someone or something. Your goals are set too low. You are not voicing your opinions or beliefs loud enough. The dream is a hint for your desperation in trying to escape a repetitive situation or some behavior patterns. You are not reaching out to others enough.

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