Dream about someone flat

Dream about Someone Flat is a symbol for your need for spiritual support and nurturance. You are drumming up business. Don’t take life so seriously; take it easy. This dream points to the connection between your mind and your heart. You are in a race.

Someone Flat points at creation and creative energies. Your ex still has some sort of emotional hold on you. Perhaps it is you who is the non-conformist. Your dream is a message for a degradation of your physical and psychological being. You need to accept your status in life and where you stand.

Dreaming of Someone and Flat

Someone in your dream indicates restrictions and limitations. You are having difficulties communicating your emotions or thoughts. You are feeling drained. This dream is a message for issues of dependency and hopelessness. Perhaps you feel someone is giving you the runaround.

Someone in this dream is about school and learning. You need to try to resolve some issues so they can finally be put to rest. Some issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself. The dream expresses your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed. You may be feeling undervalued or under appreciated.

Flat in dream is a signal for disappointments. You are trying to pacify someone or something. You are in a current state of chaos and despair. This dream states your state of mind and feelings. Perhaps you heard something that was not meant for your ears.

Flat dream suggests authority and protection. You need to show restraint and control. You need to learn the value of endurance and perseverance. The dream denotes your shyness. It is time to celebrate the positive qualities of someone who is no longer in your life.

Dream about both “Someone” and “Flat” is a message for the womb and thus signify refuge, protection and concealment. Someone is asking for your permission. Some situation or circumstance is falling apart in your life. Your dream is an omen for your lack of originality and your tendency to copy other’s ideas/beliefs. You are suffering from confusion and anxiety.

Dream about someone flat is a metaphor for excitement, lust, or sensuality. You are open to exploring your subconscious thoughts and feelings. You are rushing into things. This dream is a premonition for emotions and relationships that you did not recognize. Some unimportant issue is causing you stress and tension.

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