Dream about someone getting engaged

Dream about Someone Getting Engaged indicates your fairness and diplomacy in some matter. You want to amount to something in your life. You are struggling with gender roles and what is acceptable. Your dream suggests tradition, protection, wisdom and a caring nature. You feel that you are above her or him.

Someone in your dream represents abundance and hospitality. You are taking everything too personally. You need to be cautious on what you say and do. The dream is a symbol for wish fulfillment. You need to keep in mind that things are not one-sided.

Get dream is an indication for the experiences of your parents or ancestors. You may be trying to convey a message to a person. You need to acknowledge and confront the issue in order to complete your transformation and achieve wholeness. Your dream suggests your neutrality in some situation. You are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way.

Engage in this dream draws attention to an aspect of yourself that you need to get rid of. You are suppressing your own needs or feelings. You are reluctant in fully expressing yourself. This dream is a portent for your state of feeling bothered or agitated. You are ignoring or avoiding a situation.

Dreaming of Someone and Get and Engage

Dream About Someone Out To Get You signals energy, fertility or immortality. You are going with the flow of things. You need to choose and take a side. The dream signifies thoughts that are coming to the surface. You will overcome some obstacles and find that your struggles are well worth it.

Dream About Someone Engaged is love, beauty, protection and happiness. You are taking advantage of others. You are reflecting on your thoughts and emotions. This dream is a metaphor for stamina and endurance. You are overlooking a small but important issue.

Dream About Getting Engaged is an omen for your need for physical and emotional contact. It is time to call up old friends and catch up with what they are all up to. You need to be decisive in what you are doing. The dream points to your support system in your new endeavor. You have great strength.

Dream about Someone Getting Engaged is a sign for prestige. You are feeling the weight of life’s daily demands piled onto you. You are unaware of something important that may be right in front of you. Your dream is a symbol for ability to express your desires or ideas. You will find closure to those unresolved issues.

Sometimes, dream about someone getting engaged is a premonition for indecisiveness and lack of initiative. You need to be more vocal about your feelings, particularly what makes your happy and what makes unhappy. Some aspects of your personality are hurtful and even dangerous to your own well-being. This dream indicates missed chances, missed opportunities, or missed judgment calls. Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize.

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