Dream about someone ironing clothes

Dream about Someone Ironing Clothes is how you wished that relationships were more simple and straightforward. You are unwilling to see or accept your own personal power and growth. You have accomplished what you have been subconsciously seeking. The dream points to opulence, wealth and decadence. You are experiencing some struggle in your life journey.

Someone in your dream is about the merging of the child and adult within yourself. You need to learn to speak up for yourself and assert your opinions. You are open to criticism. Your dream signifies your emotional needs or urges. You are trying to sort out aspects of your life.

Iron dream is a symbol for some overwhelming burden or excess in your life. You are being underestimated in some way. Your achievements will soon be recognized. The dream is a hint for your desires for financial security. You want to take action but are afraid to speak out.

Clothes in this dream stands for craziness or confusion. You are at the halfway point of some endeavor. Perhaps you feel that time is running out for you or that there is some deadline that you need to be mindful of. Your dream is a portent for a danger from someone who wish you harm, either physical or financial. You fear uncertainty.

Dreaming of Someone and Iron and Clothes

Dream About Someone Ironing indicates a higher level of awareness and consciousness. You are being cautious and practical. You feel you are entitled to certain things. This dream denotes long lasting beauty and enduring elegance. You are taking certain measures in order to accomplish something.

Dream About Someone Clothes is an evidence for your struggles in achieving a goal. The intentions of a friend are pure and true. You are experiencing some turbulent times. This dream is a message for warmth and protection. You lead an active life and are always on the go.

Dream About Ironing Clothes is a symbol for a period of emotional and spiritual healing. You are feeling controlled and manipulated by others. You will experience a more satisfying social surrounding. This dream is an indication for your successes and achievements. Pay attention at who you are caning.

Dream about Someone Ironing Clothes is a harbinger for the inhumane side of society. You have successfully escaped or gotten out from a burdening situation or relationship. You need to focus your attention to something that you have placed on the back burner. This dream is an evidence for your talents, belief system and good deeds. You are able to separate your feelings and be objective.

Sometimes, dream about someone ironing clothes states acceptance, receptiveness or being open minded. You are trying to present something unpleasant in a more inviting or cheerful manner. You need to rid yourself of some burden that has been weighing you down. Your dream is a signal for some negative or harmful feelings that you are harboring. You are not completely committed to your current relationship.

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I dreamt of my passed grandfather He had ironed my clothes for the day


I dream that I wash my cloth and immediately ironing the cloth but my reverend collect it from me to help me iron it.


Thanks so much for the feedback


I dreamt about my boyfriend that we are having some issues for a couple of months is ironing his clothes


I dreamt that l ironed someone’s jacket for them couldn’t see who it was


I dreamt of ironing my father’s old and dirty t shirt in the dark


I dreamt when I got home my husband got a lady to clean the house and ironed my clothes then left me a note to say I need to pay halve. But in reality my husband is passed on