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Dream about someone lying on the floor

Dream about Someone Lying On The Floor represents things in your life that you need to overcome. There is something that needs your immediate attention. You are ready to reveal something hidden about yourself. This dream is a portent for some primitive impulse and raw energy. You tend to go along with the crowd.

Someone in your dream draws attention to your feelings of sadness. You need to let go and stop dwelling on old issues. You need to use your feelings to overcome your fears. This dream denotes your desires for privacy. You need to learn to be more free and open.

Lie dream is about your resilience and your ability bounce back from hardship. You are afraid of not fitting in. You are seeking approval to move ahead toward your goals or onto the next phase in your life. This dream denotes some suppressed hurt or previous trauma that is coming up to the surface. Perhaps there is something that are you trying to hide.

Floor in this dream is an evidence for your inability to speak your mind. You need to work hard to achieve your goals. You want to go back to a simpler time. Your dream is your inability to cope with a situation. Your high ideals are crashing down on you.

Dreaming of Someone and Lie and Floor

Dream About Someone Lying points to negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized. Someone is pushing you beyond your limits. You need to acknowledge and express your creative side. The dream symbolises longevity. You are nourishing your higher, spiritual qualities.

Dream About Lying On Floor refers to light heartedness, positive energy and joy. You want to expand your own knowledge. You keep your attitudes and behavior in check. Your dream is a signal for honor, loyalty, protection and security. You will soon experience a turn for the better.

Dream about Someone Lying On The Floor is a portent for a decision that you need to make. You are feeling upbeat and groovy. You are doing exactly what you want to do in life. Your dream is a signal for pride and grace. You always aim high at whatever you do.

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