Dream about someone putting a ring on my finger

Dream about Someone Putting A Ring On My Finger is an omen for an unwavering loyalty. You are going through some personal changes and changing your belief system. You enjoy the finer things in life and are not afraid to flaunt it. Your dream denotes your playfulness and jovial disposition. You are looking to process and understand some emotional issue.

Dream about Someone Putting A Ring On My Finger states water, emotions, purity and your outlook toward life and the future. You are giving up control of your own body. You are finding a different way of expressing yourself. The dream is the potential and possibilities that life has in stored for you. You have overcome certain obstacles in your life.

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In my dream the person who is putting ring is for whom I have feelings or I like him and he puts it in in my little finger what does it mean??


A man put a gold wedding ring on my ring finger, in my dream…what does this mean.


Last night I dream about aman put a silver diamond ring on my lefthandsite

Winnie Ambrocio

gu day, I was sleeping then I was awake cause my youngest daughter putting a ring on my finger as a gift

Edah sunga

Dreamed a Man putting an engagement ring on my finger what does it mean?


Hi admin. I dreamt my boyfriend gave my mom a small pinkie ring. Then she put the ring onto my finger


I dream that someone put a ring in my hand and my friends hands

Janet edet

I dreamt of seeing my new boyfriend putting a ring on my finger what does it mean please?


Good morning from here I am a man and I had this dream of a man putting a ring on my finger so getting to this man’s house I noticed some strange things like he was too cautious of my movement around the house like he was hiding something turned out he wanted to use me for some ritual but I tried fighting back in that process I woke up
please note: I’m not gay it’s crazy how I could allow such in my dream


Dreamt of someone I dont know proposes on me I removed my current wedding ring and let him put the new ring. In my dreams I was happy


I dreamt of someone putting a ring on my finger forcefully and later gave me money and I accepted


I dreamed and in that dream I saw my self picked the ring on the ground and put on my left hand small or little or pinky finger and the second time I buy the ring myself in that dream and put on the same finger of my left hand.Now the question is what is the spiritual meaning of that, dream ?


Good morning in my dream I was on my way home someone propose to me with a ring on my right finger it didn’t make me happy but I took it anyway


Hi in my dream a man who I thought I know put 2 ring on my right finger the other ring is full silver and the other has a diamond stone in the middle like an engagement ring. But this man was not my boyfriend.


I had a dream that my boyfriend put a ring on my pinky finger


Someone putting a silver ring in my left pinky finger


i dream about my sister putting a wading ring in my finger


Hi , in my dream while I was sleep , young man put I think kind of Quartz crystal ring green & purple colour & am sure there was bow on a ring
I think he was much younger than me

And rest of the dreamS this night where where Weird

Thank you


I have a dream about this guy I know, he’s wearing a big necklace and a silver ring on it with a blue diamond. He’s about to give it to me and someone’s knows he wants to give it to me that’s why he’s looking for me where I am.


Hi, I dreamt of someone that I didn’t see the face of, putting a silver ring on my left hand.

Simon Ch

I was walking on a road and an animal walking towards me the animal looks unknown for me but in my sense it was a monkey I thought the monkey gonna attak on me so i grabbed a stick and try to pused him but I realised the monkey is really clam and not reacting on my behaviour so dropped the stick started cuddling the monkey and huged him and the monkey turned to a human boy. i was not surprised I just ask him a gift he put a grey & black color ring in my right hand ring finger. I huged him again.


Hallo I dream someone put the gold ring in my finger


I dream of putting a ring on my pinky finger, what does it mean? by the way, that ring wasn’t mine because the owner said she didn’t like it or something so I asked her if it’s okay to give it to me, then I get the ring and put it in my little finger. That girl said to me that it’s won’t fit, so I forced that ring to be fit in to my pinky finger- so the ring actually tight for me, but I said to her that it’s fit.


I had a dream that I was standing with a guy with my friend laughing and the guy likes me but immediately another guy approach me and kneel down and wanted to put a ring in my hand.immediately again one guy beside the guy that wanted to put ring in my hand said I should accept the ring in my left and but I accepted the ring in my right hand side


I dreamt of my boyfriend putting a ring on my finger while I was sleeping


I had a dream that someone put a pink ring on me

Ikhine isimeme

Good evening. In my dream I was in a chemist shop when a man walk up to me and propose with a green ring on my right finger. It didn’t make me happy but I took it anyway.