Dream about someone shooting arrows at me

Dream about Someone Shooting Arrows At Me points to joy and love. There is something that you are trying to keep hidden. You are feeling confident and empowered. Your dream means your creativity and mind power. You are undergoing some transformation and individuation process.

Someone in your dream is an indication for your sense of mortality. You need to consider both sides of a situation before making a decision. You need to learn to think for yourself. The dream is a premonition for your toughness and rigidity. You need to cleanse your emotions and rid yourself of all the negativity you are experiencing in your life.

Shooting dream is a clue for your basic needs and priorities. Even if you don’t succeed, you can still learn from your mistakes. You need to take a more relaxed approach to some situation. Your dream hints completion and an ending to some journey, situation, or relationship. You may be feeling at home or settled at your new job or environment.

Arrow in this dream is a portent for your desire to help others or give back. You need to learn to wait for something and not always have it right away. You need to put your plan into action. This dream is a portent for a loss of power. May be there is a social issue that you need to get involved in.

Dream about Someone Shooting Arrows At Me is a message for joy, renewed pleasure or increased sensitivity. You are learning about and acknowledging aspects of your subconscious. You will be confronted with unjust accusations. The dream is a metaphor for mutual understanding in one of your relationships. You are starting or entering a new stage in your life.

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I went to a castle or a mountain like place and started climbing to the top. There was some being flying in the sky and shooting at me with arrows to prevent me from climbing up. I somehow knew who that was and why it does that. There seems to be some obstacles between it and my position – the arrows missed and I was changing my position to avoid being hit. This person/being also changed positions from time to time to have a better shot at me. I was able to reach the top and found something.


Dreamed of a three snakes (two big snakes and a small one) at a work place,, a smaller one wanted to bite me but I ran away,, one of the bigger ones turned into an unknown person and started shooting at me with an arrow, that arrow hit at me a bit and the same person came to bite me where the arrow hit me apparently for the poison not to go in the whole body


Dream a blonde man I have never met was shooting arrows at me while I was cowering on the ground, missed twice and I woke up before the 3rd shot. A woman was with him I believe his mom and I asked her to stop him and she just stood there unwilling. I was very scared


I dreamt someone was shooting arrows at me but kept missing. It felt like he was doing it on purpose because we were making eye contact and every step I take the arrows would fall right behind me. I felt scared at first, until I realised none of them were actually hitting me so I just walked to get away from him, every now and then I’d walk behind a tree and then he ran out of arrows and stopped.
Could you please help me understand this dream in more depth? Thank you


Dreamt a group of people shooting me with bow and arrow but they keep on missing as I bolted left and right to the forest.


Many thanks, this resonates perfectly!

Thestia sarpong

I dream about someone shooting a bow at me but I jump and it underpasses


I dream about someone shooting me with a bow and arrow inside my palm and i shed blood


I dreamt someone was shooting an arrow at me, but was unsuccessful because someone else blocked it but they were never hit. They just could get past that person.


Dream about someone shooting arrows at family members