Dream about someone telling you something

Dream about Someone Telling You Something expresses self-punishment and self-blame. You need to add some joy to your life. You need to enjoy your life. Your dream is a hint for your authoritative and commanding role in a situation. You want to always remember someone who is passed-away in a positive light.

Someone in your dream is obstacles in your path. You do not have the necessary tools to move toward your goals. You need to make contact with someone and reach out for help. The dream signifies a warning. You need to recognize your past mistakes and learn from it.

Tell dream is a clue for some biting or cutthroat remarks. You need time to heal and recovery, either emotionally or physically. You need to reevaluate and better manage your resources before your deplete them. This dream is an omen for the roles you play in your life and the various acts and personas you put on. You may have a crush on a person and your thoughts of him/her has carried over into the dream world.

Something in this dream is about how you have already incorporated certain aspects or qualities. You have overlooked an urgent matter or situation. You are trying to merge various aspects of your character and personality. This dream expresses your over-inflated ego. You need to downsize your lifestyle.

Dreaming of Someone and Tell and Something

Dream About Someone Telling You stands for your desire for freedom and need for adventure. You will or have achieve power and courage. You are refusing something. This dream is a clue for the depth of your subconscious. You like being the object of desire.

Someone and Something suggests power, gentleness and purity. Perhaps a person is doing something suspicious or doing something exceptionally well. You are taking what you already have for granted. Your dream is self-discovery. Your subconscious is telling you about some hidden truth or family secret that needs to be uncovered.

Tell and Something symbolises enjoyment and tranquility at home. You are moving into a new phase. You feel that you have to put your own life on hold. The dream symbolises your desire to achieve spiritual perfection. You have a lot of confidence in your accomplishments.

Dream about Someone Telling You Something is a portent for your above-average talents, ideas and other hidden abilities that you may not realize you possessed. You are being kept in the dark about some problem or issue. You are you ready to confront some issues in your subconscious. This dream expresses inner growth and development of the Self. You must let go of the past in order to move forward with your life.

Sometimes, dream about someone telling you something denotes failed attempts and disappointments. You are having difficulties getting your thoughts and feelings across. You are having difficulties in navigating out of a situation or problem. Your dream is sadly an alert for feelings of rejection or not fitting into a group. You are having difficulties expressing your negative feelings.

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