Dream about someone throwing stones at u

Dream about Someone Throwing Stones At U represents the merging of the female and male aspects of your character. You are feeling important and needed. You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship. Your dream signifies growth and construction. Sometimes you forget how or what got you to where you are today.

Dream about Someone Throwing Stones At U is a signal for some trust issues in your life. You need to reserve your time and energy. You are giving into your physical desires. Your dream signifies your own personal history. You are a romantic at heart.

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I dream about my cousin’s brothers fighting me an the eldest one throwing stone at me and I throw it back


I had a dream me my sister and mom were on vacation and as we were checking out the beautiful water view, on the balcony of were the resort was, these locals were swimming and all of a sudden just started throw big rocks at us but I jumped inside and my sister was still standing on the balcony trying to catch them but she had some gnarly bruises from the rocks that landed her face. I was crying so bad for my sister.


In school, some guys harrased me. Then I moved to another place. But 2 yrs ago I moved back to the same place again. It’s been a decade since the harrasement, but this location reminds that & it haunts me. Sometimes I dream like they all chase me with murderous intention. Today I dreamt, they threw stones at me & I too threw back some at them while running away & then I went home, told my mom abt it but she was blaming me, I woke up crying coz she didn’t understood me.


I dreamt I was walking with my granny and my sister. Suddenly I made my granny angry for whatever reason I did. An she started shouting at me an throwing me with stones but I dodge them. Instead they hit my sister an she started crying an my older brother appears randomly an start throwing me with strong while I was running away an I managed to get away without been hit by the stones.


What does it mean when your a cousin throw stone at you and you throw more against him


I had a dream that a mad man was throwing stones at me and none did touch me


dream about people throwing stones at me actually am not seeing them but stones where coming from up in different angles I tried to throwing back hiding somewhere, but the day before someone dream about me chew some green small leaves people chew them here in my country but I never tried them,am trying to combine these to dreamz can’t get the meaning


I saw my lover throwing stones at me and telling me that I don’t give him attention and that I don’t care about his love. I was so scared in the dream and was saying sorry to him.


Have been seeing myself in a classroom sometimes in university writing exam on my way back from school I saw some group of young boys throwing stones at me I was just wondering what exactly I did to them but no matter how hard they throw the stone non of the stone get close to me I tried to stone them before I woke up


Honestly speaking I Sense a lot of Truth in it My emotional health will take a greater role how ! What is your best advice am all ears awaiting on your response


Hello good morning, I had a dream someone wanted was in my sitting room, so armed crowd was standing at the house opposite my house stoning and shooting my neighbour that owns the house opposite mine pleaded with dem to stop but they refused, the wanted person escaped. I had to rush down to beg the crowd to stop


I had a dream where my husband hit me stone on my right side of head but in the dream I forgave him and said my God will reward you of your actions towards me. what does it mean thanks

Phillip Magaya

So I dreamt my baby mama ex …. Throwing stones at me bt the stone almost hitted me but while he was still throwing the stones he hitted someone I knw because we were walking with some of the people in my area

Jules m

I dreamed that someone famous through a stone at my back and it hurt. It was just a small stone. He wanted to say sorry by putting on a disco for me so I could dance! A family member then appeared and said he would ask for compensation. Apparently it would help to pay for my wedding dress ( I am getting married next year)


I dream a small boy was throwing stones at me so I started throwing back as him suddenly the boy came to me and has me for money so I tryed to go in my car to give him some money then I woke up at that moment


I was at my boyfriends house when his ex girlfriend walked in and went straight to the bedroom. I then went outside to hide my car. as I was standing by my car, she then saw me through a window and started chasing me and throwing grey stones at me saying to me what am I doing at her bf’s house, as I was running away a young girl appeared and stopped her from throwing stones at me. They hugged and went back to the house


Dreamt about an insane guy who was passing by a near school,said hi to him and he started throwing stones at us….we then threw back Stones at him,,he managed to hit my friend but we kept chasing him and throwing stones at him back and forth


I keep having the a dream of this mad man throwing stones at me and my son


I dream me and a guy was throwing stone at each other is stone it me and mine get him as well I started running away and I saw my mum and dad coming and I wake up

Sheila kamada

I dreamt my husband was nicked but when I was trying to tell him why he left himself nicked in public and we star throwing stones at each other and he was pursuing me every were


what is the meaning of when an elderly woman throws stone at you in a dream

Shantae 26

I had a dream of a older guy attacking me in the dream he was my uncle and I was running I got in my car and he began to throw stones at me before he started attacking me I was trying too comfort him by telling him he was a good father and he flipped


I saw a woman talking to herself and her appearance looks somewhat shabbily. After by passing this woman she starting picking stones from the grounds and starting throwing them at me but I got hit by non of the stones that were thrown at me


I had a dream that my mom threw a coin on the ground and she told me to pick up the coin and I said no and then she started to throw stones at me and I fell to my knees at started to cry what does this mean and she was also angry while throwing the stones at me


My husband was throwing things at me in the house, I began to run to get away. He came outside before me and tried to destroy the car so I couldn’t leave. After throwing another stone to thee car he turned back to the house looking for something else to throw. I immediately got in the car and then woke up..


On point. I was angry with my husband for not coming home and calling me to pick him up from a motel after midnight. That dream happened shortly after and I was angry but eventually let it go, I believe the fruitless endeavor is remaining in a relationship that doesn’t serve my highest purpose. No need to be upset at one’s action, right? Regroup, refocus, and realign with purpose. Nothing to stop self but self. Therefore it is on point. Thank you for responding as well. I appreciate you for that.

Zepha Njobvu

I need help,I dreamed that someone was chasing me and she was throwing stones at me.

Betty Brown

I dreamt my rx throwing stones at me and cursing me

Simon Mputu

I dreamt of my friends throwing stones at me on my face, not sure if it were stones or snowballs but it was round and white and a lil voice told me now it’s time to move on and elevate higher


I was somewhere outside with a man ( mayb bf or jst a friend. I don’t know ) so I saw a bird on the fence, I tried to throw stone at it so it can leave but instead of the bird to leave I saw a stone coming back to me from the bird side (behind the fence)and I quickly run to seek for help and on my way back with my female friend to help get rid of the bird and see who is behind the fence, we saw some guys with a dog running to us. I tried to defend myself but the dog disappeared and appears.


Had a dream of whereby someone was throwing stones at us but no hit me & I was running fast like I had superspeed


I had a dream of a man I do not know throwing big stones at me saying I rejected his proposal of me becoming his girlfriend sometime back. I looked at him shocked because I couldn’t remember him.
Next I saw a man I broke up with a day ago back with his ex giving money to her. But leaving her to go out with other women.


Dreamt of someone throwing stones at me.first he stabbed me twice at the back then I ran carrying my daughter at the back..many stones came..I managed to catch them but some hit us and we continued to run


Lunatic insane people on the street start throwing stones at me. I am flying over their head far enough to swerve the stone but the second throw from a second insane person hit me. I kept flying away and the third on came with a raised hand and I lowered a lil bit so that I can kick his hand and I throw a kick at his, I woke up as I swing my leg feeling I did swing my leg in awaken state.


I was moving with group of young ones and I was like a protector so someone was behind and he was like a treate so immediately I wanted to take stones to throw at him he began throwing stones at me and the people with me very fast. What I heard was I want him to be fast and move leave the stones if he wants to throw i will show him I’more faster at throwing stones. Then I left and wanted to tackle him from another angle so I entered a bike with a woman woke up and realized I released sperm.