Dream about someone trying to take my child

Dream about Someone Trying To Take My Child is a premonition for your intimate self or childhood self. You feel a huge weight has been lifted. It is the time to reflect and share past experiences. Your dream is sometimes your subconscious and your underlying thoughts. You are ready to go through life with a fresh new outlook and attitude.

Dream about Someone Trying To Take My Child is a clue for an end to a period of time or phase in your life. You are feeling spiritually and physically empowered. You need to focus your attention and concentrate on one task at a time. Your dream is a harbinger for light heartedness and pleasure. You are undergoing a drastic transformation.

Dreaming of Someone & Try & Take & Child

Someone in your dream is a message for your need to control others and show them who is in charge. Your vision is being impaired or clouded by something or someone. Something is out of your grasp. This dream indicates disappointments and failures. You are being your true self or that someone is being their real self.

Try in your dream symbolises unresolved problems. You are overstepping someone else’s boundaries. You are being kept out in the dark about certain issues. The dream is an indication for issues with authority and seeking approval. Perhaps you need to get to the bottom of some situation.

Take in this dream is a symbol for feelings of being out of control. You are being belittled by others. You have been hit with a hard with some painful truth or shocking experience. Your dream is a clue for some advice and message that your subconscious is trying to convey. You are on the wrong life path and need to alter your course.

Child in dream is about the expected pleasures, demanding responsibilities and growing anxieties associated with a holiday season. Perhaps there is something that are you trying to hide. You need to channel and transform your outdated ideas or past experiences into something you can learn from. Your dream indicates some advice that you should listen to or consider. You are clearing a path in order to make a new start and rid yourself of old habits and beliefs.

Dream About Taking A Child denotes a sense of confidence and inner strength. You may be in for a surprise. You are going through a phase of emotional self-discovery. This dream suggests your quest for knowledge and understanding. Some force is bonding or uniting your relationships together.

Dream About Someone Trying To Take Me suggests a personal transformation or a new stage in your life. There is something in you life which you have overlooked. Someone you love has passed away. This dream is about greed, lust, or love guide you in how you live. You may be about to enter into a serious commitment or relationship in the near future.

Sometimes, dream about someone trying to take my child is unfortunately an alert for the negative aspects of your childhood. You want to return to a state where you were dependent and free from responsibilities. Perhaps you feel that you have bitten off more than you can chew. This dream denotes violent rage or sudden anger. You are losing your ground or your foothold on some situation/problem.

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I dreamt that my friend’s pregnant girlfriend took my 1 year old baby girl… Claiming that I have her permission to take her for some time, but during the dream I could feel that there is something not right… And I tried reaching out to her in so many ways that she brought her back after a long time of me begging and crying for her to bring her my daughter back


I had a dream my son was kidnapped and I found his jeans with torn money in them in the woods. The money was different. Next thing I’m in a river pulling him out. His hands were tied in front of him and he was ok. There was also another little girl that was rescued too. He was telling me and the police that he was being chased by a dog and people bet $100,000 to see if he could survive. I woke up before he could say how he ended up in the river.


I had a dream I was holding an African American baby in my arms tightly. I felt as though I was this babies protector. A strong well built African American man was trying to take the child from my arms. He never did succeed and then I woke up.

Maria C

I had a dream that I had a baby, felt great, left the hospital within minutes, but the hospital staff kept bringing me the wrong baby to my home. I kept saying, “This isn’t my baby.”


A child I was nurturing was forcefuly collected from me

Se Mi

i had a dream where my son was taken by a stranger and she wouldnt give him back without proper identification my dad and i did and a friend of ours that is a cop got involved and i got my son back in that dream i also saw a golden deer and me moving out of my apartment and my car attempting to be towed and me being unable to get ahold of my probation officer to let them know whats going on so im not violating home confinement


We were walking on the streets and a stranger with a taxi gave me a card then forcefully getting my son,.I was very shock. But I never allowed that he can get my son so I hold my son so tight so he can’t take my son. So Ithink something for him to let go my son I grabbed his pennis and hold it so tight so he can feel the pain and let go of my son, it works and we run away and got escape. But Im still worrying that he might follow so we kept rushing and running.


I dreamt that my children and I were at a family members home and a group of police enter the home asking where is 1 of my daughters. Then a female police officer tells me that my daughter and I both have to come with them even tho I know neither of us had committed a crime.


I dreamed that a baby that looked like my son was in a bath tub calling my name. He sounded just like my son as well. When I saw the baby, I told him you are not my baby over and over while my actual son was banging on the back of his door calling my name.


I had a dream someone was trying to take my daughter away from me…I was trying to stay behind and trying to catch her from her red coat…but he went in to a door and the door got close really fast …I was crying loud…and I woke up