Dream about someone wanting you

Dream about Someone Wanting You is an omen for success, popularity and creativity. You feel that you are above the rules. You are literally being consumed by some danger. Your dream means something new and exciting that is occurring in your life. Emotional stability and calmness.

Someone Wanting You suggests a lady who is bugging you in your life. You should look a special friend up and reconnect with him/her. You need to be more passionate in your love life. This dream indicates renewed vitality. You are being held back from what you really want to do.

Dreaming of Someone and Want

Someone in your dream expresses your frustrations about not being taken seriously. You need to look pass the surface and focus on what is inside. You need to be on the lookout for something that is out of place or out of the ordinary. Your dream draws attention to the undeveloped or unacknowledged aspects of your character. Perhaps you are running away from a situation instead of trying to confront it.

Someone in this dream refers to emotional frustration. You need to put more focus onto what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish. You may be close to a mental breakdown. This dream hints fear and the consequences of your actions. You are afraid that you are not measuring up.

Want in dream is an omen for your defensive stance about some situation. You need to pay closer attention to a situation before acting on it. You are holding something in that is on the verge of erupting at any moment. The dream is sometimes flexibility in your thinking or fluidity in your emotions. You need to be more selfless and reach out to others in their time of need.

Want dream suggests protection or luck. You are standing up for what believe even though you are going against the majority. You need to think things through before taking any action. This dream represents your desire or need for change. You are keeping your emotions contained, which can be harmful to your well-being in the end.

Dream about both “Someone” and “Want” is unfortunately what is lacking or missing in your life. Things are not going smoothly for you in some aspect or situation in your life. Your life is monotonous or repetitive. Your dream signals your lack of originality. You are feeling sorry for yourself and letting your own negative thinking take over your frame of mind.

Dream about someone wanting you indicates a connection with your inner religion/love consciousness. You may be recreating new paths of expression and perhaps a rebirth. You are ready to confront some subconscious material. The dream is a message for memories from your own childhood. You are adapt to various situations.

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