Dream about someone wearing red shirt

Dream about Someone Wearing Red Shirt is about the thrills and dangers in some aspect of your life. A decision has been made and you will work hard to accomplish it. You feel that you are being rammed by a situation or decision. Your dream is a hint for your desires for the ideal woman. You are experiencing a lowered self-esteem.

Dream about Someone Wearing Red Shirt denotes summertime ease, leisure and relaxation. Some spiritual cleansing is needed. You are ready to share an important part of yourself. This dream is conservatism. You need to be more realistic with your goals.

Dream About Wearing Red Shirt is a portent for unrestrained desires. You need to step up and speak up. You are about to embark on a new adventure in your personal life. The dream expresses your ability to move between the physical, material world of life and the emotional, repressed world of the subconscious. Something or someone is bringing various aspects of yourself together.

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I was driving my friend and me to a party, I had a whole red outfit &he had a red shirt. My car was also red as well, & while driving this white car past us twice, a very unique car. Before we got to the party, we switched seats, I didn’t even notice.


I dreamed of a boy in red shirt. I was in the village i grew up (i mostly dream of my village as a place) i was running from him, he was a KID by the way but he had a gun, i ran to my house and hid myself, then he entered the room and said that he would count to three, if i show up he’ll maybe not kill me, if i don’t, he’ll definitely kill me. I showed up and his whole attitude changed, he was like “oh you showed up, so i’ll not kill you” and i hugged him and told him that he was so sweet


I dreamed of a man in a red shirt with three other people. He and I left to go swimming as I am a swimmer. I got changed into my swimsuit at a huge mall type location I had been to before but got lost trying to find the man in the red shirt as he had donned a swimsuit so we lost each other.


I was working in an open area, as in a book signing, trade or craft show type atmosphere. I looked up and in the crowd was my daddy – looking proud, smiling face. My heart warmed – I smiled back… And I awoke at that point. He was wearing a red shirt. The dream also occurred the day before his 15th year anniversary date of passing away.


I dream about me and a husband and wife wearing green tshirts and a other husband and wife wearing red tshirts.